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RT @djgeekdout: Not to say that the 35 yrs worth of trumped-up charges against him were well-founded » Posthumously pardon Aaron Swartz ...
RT @djgeekdout: One of the smartest people in the tech industry hung himself last night. RIP Aaron Swartz http:// h ...
RT @djgeekdout: holy shit! was just hitting the web b/c I needed some new DJ sets… and BOOM » 25 Live Sets from Daft Punk ...
Great gift idea: Enter to #win the Nikon COOLPIX S01 Digital Camera from @henryscamera via @_CityMom #canwin #giveaway
@ShimmayShimmaya we did it in house, sorry for the late response yikes
Happy 4th everyone! Be careful with those roman candles! #4thofJuly #IndependenceDay
RT @djgeekdout: sick idea-organization app for the creative-minded » Paper | FiftyThree #Skeuomorphic #Moleskines #FTW
RT @djgeekdout: Four Tet just uploaded this today, perfect get-work-done-music "Conference of The Birds" DJ Set via #SoundCloud http://t ...
god we wanted #SEAPUNK to survive!! but um here's NY Times splainin' it to all you slow-trenders »
Super Morrisey Bros. (yeah you know you clicked w/o even the slightest hesitation!) via @josh_jacob
RT @djgeekdout: Dirg Gerner – Preface EP » amazing EP and so far my fave album art of 2012 via @imgur
RT @djgeekdout: Can't get enough of Gotye » Easy Way Out video
RT @djgeekdout: damn, Michna killz it on his remake of Electric Youth's "A Real Hero" » download this ish now!
Holy cow, new stickers! Online soon!
I have 4 less teeth, and decreased wisdom now.
Matt almost killed a cat #matthanson
RT @thefoxisblack: For those in the mood, @Netflix has an hour long Fireplace For Your Home, for those of us living in apartments.
Come out to the art depot toledo! Got the new devicious products on display
Come see us at the art supply depot (toledo ohio) at 6 to see some new stuff! #yellowsnow
New shirts!! #deviciousoh

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