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Did u know Modiji loves the morning treadmill?
Your very attitude towards healthy eating, weight loss, fitness and lifestyle change - it gets into your mind to...
"The best and the most efficient pharmacy is within your own system." ---- Robert C Peale
Nutrition Week At DesiDieter is About Increasing Your Colour Quotient. We Are Going Purple & Pink. Beets & Pomegranates Every Meal.
What did you eat today that made you happy? " I had corn salad for lunch"....DD Expert
"Nutrition Week Begins. That Means More Grains On My Mind ;) ".....DD Expert
Healing doesnt mean that damage never occured. It means you are ready to let go.
Why We Introduced Theta Healing With DesiDieter Diets?...
Whatz Ur Excuse To Avoid A Walk?
Diet Plans, Lose Weight, Weight Reducing Diet, Weight Loss Diet Plans | DesiDieter
Support Desis.
Vote for Desis. Get a dog n walk walk walk.
Happy Monday.
Die-Eating...Not Dieting :)
Schools On! My Time Begins! Back To Morning Walks, Yoga and Regimented Diet.
"All In One Rhythm"

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Our experts provide weight loss, diet and nutrition plans to mainly the Global South Asian Community through online consulting
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