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can a/o suggest a program similar to backpackit.com that syncs with my blackberry?need a program to store tasks + contacts on internet+phone
It's getting cold out there. Make sure your teeth are strong and healthy before they start to chatter! I can help. http://bit.ly/25GrJj
@Rick_Smith check out www.zocdoc.com; you see various dentists,schedule an appt online and read REAL patient reviews.
Heard a lady at lunch complaining about her crooked smile. Its never too late to fix a smile you arent happy with. http://bit.ly/1bd14s
@EffortlessFee :BEST website is www.zocdoc.com You can read patient reviews and make an appt online.(And yes, we do cosmetic and root canal)
@IamDavidEric I am sure this dentist thing is old news in twitterland- but, I would check out www.zocdoc.com You can schedule an appt online
Anyone going to the Pearl Jam Concert in Philadelphia? If so, let me know. I want to go with someone. Thanks.
The Bright Sun Helps Make a Bright Smile - http://shar.es/1G3dS Go treat yourself to a walk around the block and soak in some sun.
@EffortlessFee - you can check out any dentist you like at www.zocdoc.com and make an appointment online. It is a Great site.
The Effects of Periodontal Disease on the Body - http://shar.es/1uVwv
Latest technology in Quick Bad Breath Tests - http://shar.es/1uVjp
The Effects of Periodontal Disease on the Body - http://shar.es/1uVud
RT @dentistnyc New Perinatal And Infant Oral Health Guidelines | NYC Dentist Blog http://cli.gs/PnuyVA
What Your Body Is Telling You by Melinda Beck - http://shar.es/1uSMu
Eat for a Beautiful Smile- what you eat affects your teeth and gums too! - http://shar.es/1uSEm
Afraid of the Dentist? Don't be- I am a Benevolent Dentist. The Effects of Stress on the teeth is worse than not going: http://shar.es/1tYh9
The Effects of Stress on Oral Health - http://shar.es/1tYh9
@SaraWilliamsDDS I used SkyImage studios. They're GREAT! Email me if you want more information on them. Super Talented and professional.
@ronga Let me know if I can help you in any way. You can read patient reviews on: http://bit.ly/zsI3
An unhealthy mouth is harmful to your overall health. Dont let dental problems go untreated. Come in and see me! www.midtowndentalgroup.com

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NYC Midtown Dentist, Dr. Mishaan is known to his patients and his staff as kind, caring and genuinely concerned about people.

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