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RT @avc: It Is All Spam
RT @levie: I have a feeling Hillary is never going to want to hear about your really cool email startup idea.
RT @brad_frost: "You unsubscribed from our email list. Our unsubscribe donkey, Pepe, will begin his journey; your request should be process…
RT @abridgessmith: Gather round, #emailgeeks and let @postupdigital's @JoshuaBaer tell you about the email days of yore!…
RT @ChadTroutwine: No surprise in the Colin Powell email leak. We all suspected he used an AOL account.
RT @KenMcCarthy: Paul Carr asks: Why is all the money going to "social" media when email is still THE most effective online medium? https:/…
RT @JulesPolonetsky: This link to help unsubscribe is new right? iOS 10 new privacy feature.
RT @auren: When will email be dead, and what will replace it?
RT @Tawheed: Inventor of email and savior of the @ sign, Ray Tomlinson, dies at 74
RT @JoshuaBaer: I’m looking for a co-founder to build 2 different email productivity tools. Neither that hard. Niche products but could gro…
RT @TechCrunch: Amazon's Own Email & Calendaring Service, Amazon WorkMail, Exits Preview by @sarahintampa
RT @OnlyInfluencers: Excited to Announce Our First Conference!!! The Email Innovations Summit May 18-19th in Vegas.…
RT @damon: I wonder if "pay to read" email will ever really happen? @JoshuaBaer
RT @JoshuaBaer: Have you played with this? Last open source mail client was Thunderbird...
RT @inboxlove: Hear what awesome things @returnpath is doing for their customers, and come to Inbox Love to get the details:…
RT @JoshuaBaer: 2015 @InboxLove Email Year in Review - what else should be on there?
RT @returnpath: US #deliverability has dropped below 80%
RT @JoshuaBaer: I’m working on the 2015 Year in Email recap for @InboxLove - what big events / products / people should I include?
RT @inboxlove: Google Will Target Ads Using Email Addresses via @wsj
RT @patmatthews: Some days it's nice being out of the mail business!

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