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@nzspur @Sportsfreakconz I Liked her music so much more when I found that out :)
@TheFootballSack I like this one... League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
@TheFootballSack Justice League - you could shorten to J-League! Oh...never mind
@TheFootballSack Human League -
@Yakcall Yes, I know, did some Northland Prem games last year, so it'll be good :)
@EnzoGiordani Northland Utd vs Te Atatu
@Yakcall Yes, will do, ramped up the butterflies though :)
What I thought was a preseason friendly turned into an official NRFL2 reserve game, then running the line for the main game #refliveblog
Official reffing debut this weekend. Woop, Woop
@five15design @WMO Oops, wrong hashtag :) #flighttothelights Do they get WIFI up there?
.@five15design @WMO Brad is going up for his #aurorawatch today I think
RT @DrJucker: And here is the world's #weather for @WMO #WorldMetDay the beauty of #clouds
RT @nmtruebridge: Environment Minister Nick Smith challenged to fist fight in today's #Chch Press @PressNewsroom @comingupcharlie @NZStuff…
Take note Woo people, 3.0 not 2.7 and is a significant change (backups and testing as always)
.@davidfarrier If it shot the rainbow out of it's other holes I might be impressed #meh #fakenews
Not often a business lasts to celebrate it's 100 year anniversary, Well done to McGruer's and the Scott family
@juhasaarinen Must be around battery capacity or ability to physically conceal items in larger body of these devices.
Nice write up of @officialcwood @NZ_Football
@billbennettnz @dialogCRM May open it as a separate entity that makes no money, so not having to pay tax
@elpie Margin for error: +/- 100%

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