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RT @kalpenn: Lol @realDonaldTrump you can't break up with us after we broke up with you LMFAO
I hear ya - i think a mix of cgi, good trainers and great camera work.
Indeed. I could barely watch last nite. Altho also crack for horse lovers - i submit Season 5 finale…
@heathr @howardgr 😂
@heathr @howardgr No apologies - I'm honored you'd think I created it - heh!
@heathr @howardgr Congrats @howardgr Woot! @heathr Ha! I didn’t start that tho worked with them after 9/11 tho!
@cc_chapman Waves back ole friend
@elisebauer Exactly!! And a bit more cultivating of my lists for the real peeps I miss and ❤️ [like you!!!]
Tiptoeing back into Twitter after long absence - and pleasantly surprised to discover engaging conversations #whonew
@getstoried Congrats!!!! I want a signed copy! ;)
Yes! Exactly - AI is not a marketing gimmick: thanks @khmcnally
@farrahbostic Yes! Companies do not operate in their own vacuum - current culture & climate has us forging a new so…
@farrahbostic @anildash I also like "How might we..." framing as it helps reduce right/wrong and black/white thinking!
@aidanfeldman Thank you aiden - honored that you noticed - it is something woven through everything we do ❤️
The Yes has begun! @YxYY
Wow - indeed! Well done @ProPublica
@kevinmarks We're spelling it without the "e" now ;) #tummel #tummeling
@clevergirl @farrahbostic hey ladies - can we catch-up asap? Got a bionic question for each of you! Lmk if email better!
Hoping there’s as story in there from Camp Massad - if not raising my hand high !!

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