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Paradise is always somewhere else.
@homakov Hokkaido was incredible. Uni ikura for every meal, taking trains through the mountains, and aimlessly expe… https://t.co/XhqTILPkKw
Ignoring Twitter has not really improved my life. Northern Japan is magical in the winter. So far, 2018 is unsati… https://t.co/zTuFLrydT3
@candacewwu Yup. Working on it now actually!
@mpjme That’s interesting.
@morqon @_sh4d On the other hand, Spotify’s Discover Weekly is one of the most delightful features of any product I’ve used in years.
@wildemorgan The future of music monetization is live concerts. And yes, worldwide licensing is a serious issue for… https://t.co/LUvK1Pgnbk
@Kulturvampir You’re wrong about the health thing. Not baffling at all, and will end up saving millions of lives I think.
@zarazhangrui @asymco Now sort that list by cumulative revenue. You’ll find a VERY different result.
For some reason, Apple bought a sub-par headphones company + some music executives, and built Apple Music, which is… https://t.co/y4j6omTRnb
The one thing Steve Jobs was most wrong about during his final years at Apple was his insistence that people want t… https://t.co/KvgBXzprxa
@holman You can criticize a lot of design in journalism, but CNN has some of the best. (Also: CNN Sans is a beautiful typeface.)
https://t.co/yR1eNIfjrq Read this.
DPS ✈️ TPE This Eva Air plane is ridiculous. https://t.co/Coz14c2yp9 https://t.co/SikfAiVz5E
@CassidyJames Very rarely does a company drop prices 29 days after launching something unless there is something very wrong.
@kfury The point is that Google should be less evil and just refund people who bought their shitty phones.
@AlexMWitek Oh yeah? How’s the blue screen? Have you cracked the glass near the speaker grill yet?
@kylec Yes, the camera is incredibly good.

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