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RT @peteskomoroch: Every startup in every pitch deck is in the upper right market quadrant. If you really want to stand out, put yourself i…
RT @danmartell: GitHub language trends and the fragmenting landscape http://t.co/269zLEpMG8 http://t.co/PNFh5FtHAE
Startups are not a personal asset class.
“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself in your way of thinking.” ― Marcus Aurelius
"I rather see you fail at your own startup than succeed at reading about someone else's startup." - @davemcclure
RT @rklau: Prototype != Powerpoint
RT @DrifttHQ: Is My Startup Burn Rate Normal? - http://t.co/AXZySbrnMv
"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." - Steve Jobs
The worst day at a startup doesn't compare to an average day at a real job. #nowhining
RT @BradfordCoffey: "A new companies most important strength is new thinking." @peterthiel from #0to1
"Be Nice Or Leave" - http://t.co/d4CUAUBtZO http://t.co/ER6RX15QlN
All Startup success stories should be labeled as Fiction.
Make time for play.
RT @hnshah: Inspirational Quotes From Top CEOs http://t.co/Ka42GTTEno http://t.co/X3Zq8VoAGW
RT @trengriffin: "Don't worry about competitors until they are beating you with shipped product/services. Press releases are easier to writ…
RT @pmarca: Kids these days! Excitedly learning practical skills, starting businesses, & creating new technologies and products. What's wro…
"The quicker you can get feedback on what you’re thinking the better your idea will be." - http://t.co/teuTf6M88h http://t.co/AiS4E5TddM
RT @danmartell: You cannot always have happiness but you can always give happiness. - Anon
RT @mattlauzon: humans are well equipped to know what the right course of action is. but terribly equipped to act on it. those who act are …
RT @ilikevests: Via @cshirky http://t.co/vJVlSSGRVq

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