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@ubuwaits me please. :)
RT @williamchanner: "Go into something you love, because you work every day." - @thegothamgal http://t.co/5E28tWnyYY
RT @sama: the people who do the least interesting things spend the most time calling other people's startups crappy
"THERE ARE NO MISTAKES, only opportunities." - Tina Fey
@orenellenbogen beer in Boston and Israel!
RT @orenellenbogen: Scaling engineering org is about tweaking for flow, happiness and fulfillment. If your process is not improving one of …
RT @bijan: Four things http://t.co/QTk6mBqGcE
RT @dharmesh: "How the Most Successful Software Companies Grow [SlideShare]" http://t.co/HZOXkyrrLi by @carlystec
RT @bbalfour: If you missed the #500Distro conference last week, here is my talk about the Growth Process - https://t.co/h7uTPkj5t2
RT @miketrap: Big supporter of these guys... @dunwello to bring an Uber/TripAdvisor rating system to everyone’s job http://t.co/iQhq343nDZ
Attend fewer meetings. Say no more. Embrace constraints. Be stingy with your time. Focus.
"Do your thing and don't care if they like it." - Tina Fey
Try to build a company you would never sell.
"Myth #7. an acquisition means you’re a multi-millionaire" - http://t.co/GnGTTu4Fqq #startup #truth http://t.co/opYf1ZiW6C
RT @myl: Ok, maybe there is an "I" in #innovation but research shows it is most often a group effort. Let's we-nnovate together.
The Awesome @nickfrancis Talks Fundraising Without Venture Capital on The Rocketship Podcast. - http://t.co/tHkF5OhnDF #startup
Choose happiness.
RT @sama: it's hard to overstate how valuable it is to keep your personal burn rate low. it probably 10x's interesting opportunities availa…
Say Hello to LeadIn 2.0 - http://t.co/KfhxiEJIsP
"A lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep" (via @amgeed) #love http://t.co/1EiSl9RBxj

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