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So many of these AI & chatbot startups are just easily implementable features 2 years from now.
@neiltyson Perhaps. I would suspect that if they had understanding of mortality, the basis of much conflict, it wouldn’t be surprising.
RT @bertranddussert: @dbounds The key headline is that the cloud is not just a cost play. It has better economics and you get more innovati…
@bertranddussert Risk? Seems that ship sailed long ago.
@TimHaines We should catch-up some time soon. It’s been a while.
@ViviFriedgut it’s Purple SO good.
RT @bfeld: Remarkable exit letter by 25 year EPA staffer - https://t.co/ShV31vWn8I
Holden is livin' the good life here @Breezy_HR HQ. https://t.co/nkPqK9dlrZ
RT @yoda: i'm not against AI or anything, but when you see the same groups of people hopping from "latest" thing to latest thing, you have…
RT @trueventures: .@Teamableme raises funding to widen potential employee talent pool by tapping into social networks https://t.co/jGda0ClV…
RT @jayca416: That time when @Monster talked to me about great interviewing, and I talked about cats: https://t.co/ZuQ4z5Wy3K
@erinbury thoughts on this post? Relevant to this tweet: https://t.co/zcQGMa44s3
RT @erinbury: Why millennials are turning hobbies into jobs. It's so true: I don't have hobbies, I have side hustles: https://t.co/2pG8XBde…
RT @marcusnelson: HIRING: Content Marketer – https://t.co/MGx0IaEEnx @Pagely is expanding their digital footprint, brand awareness, & cust…
Feeling especially proud to be Canadian right now: https://t.co/ojM8YkpjCU
RT @randrr: Thx for including us in #StartupJax! Proud to join @Breezy_HR and @HourStack in this great #Jax #startup community! https://t.c…
.@randrr Thanks for having me and for hosting! 🙌 @Breezy_HR @hourstack #startupjax
This is most definitely one of ours at @Breezy_HR. Focus on great product & fast iteration has been the basis of ou… https://t.co/TFjuSLLbZj
RT @Breezy_HR: In which we're 🙌 to see Breezy HR is the most popular #HRTech among @GetApp co's of *ANY* size…https://t.co/SadLzsLAzQ 🔥 👍 @…
I know what I’m downloading when I get home tonight. https://t.co/xvsyrzbLBU

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