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Google Product Search feed fixed; still working on the SSL issue. @hooande's on the case. Thanks for your patience.
The evolution of Apple's flagship product over the past decade:
@support We have a registered TM for Dawdle, so it'd be a nice courtesy to be able to get the name since it's inactive. Thanks.
@support Per @ev, is there any way we can get the inactive username @dawdle? It'd be much appreciated - thanks!
I can't believe this is a real thing: ^SA
Free office space for indie game devs at @IGN:
I've missed every PAX West), but this is the first in four years I didn't waste a ticket. (I did waste my PAX East ticket, though.) Yay? ^SA
Got my Nintendo Gold Reward order in juuuuuuust in the nick of time. ^SA
Congrats to @jimgreer and the @kongregate team on their purchase by GameStop:
We're aware of the "Error 26" errors; we're looking into it; thanks!
All I'm going to do is play Super Street Fighter IV and Super Mario Galaxy 2 this weekend. Why, yes, it'll be Super! Thanks for asking. ^SA
Grrr. The right link for that post is:
Ha, always fun to be listed under "others receiving consideration": Thanks, @secondcityCEO! :)
Don't forget: Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out on May 23:
You know what? Used games are *still* a good deal:
RT @ezraklein Super Mario Crossover is the best thing that's ever happened to the internet.
This game really needs to be released on Xbox Live Arcade:
RT @VentureBeat Dudes can pay hot girls to play online video games with them
So we have a red three-day pass for PAX East we can't use. What should we do with it?
This is awesome:

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