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@BrendanEich I half regret it but I don't want to ride it down to 700 if this mess continues
@BrendanEich Pulled half of mine at 960 until they figure this shit out
RT @TJFixman: Terminated. (@Schwarzenegger) https://t.co/GsoyCnBFHX
RT @eliperelman: After much work by some great contributors, Neutrino v5 released! 🎉 Fuller API, better middleware story. Upgrade! 😎 https:…
@arronschaar How much can this plunge? Bet ruining my life
RT @davidwalshblog: Get Weather from Command Line https://t.co/czFSz7JPg0 https://t.co/bjUI7kVaD6
RT @helenvholmes: "fuck it I'm using jquery" https://t.co/WrkUQSpdw7
DID YOU KNOW: The average remotee spends 2 days a year waiting for the next remotee to unmute their microphone during standups.
ASTs for Beginners: https://t.co/tze8ccYlNx
RT @ID_AA_Carmack: Using React (JavaScript) has turned out to be a bigger win for VR app development than I expected -- UI dev is several x…
RT @jo_liss: Yesterday I quipped that VS Code loses a bunch of CPU on blinking its cursor. I since investigated why this is... https://t.co…
RT @verge: US grand jury decides that a GIF counts as a deadly weapon in Twitter seizure case https://t.co/TzaWuTIR0F https://t.co/Xpuc7ce0…
Convert Image to Data URI with JavaScript https://t.co/gjDFhMOcmJ
Ugh, need a way to relax at night that doesn't include a few beers or glasses of wine. Getting a gut. #WelcomeTo33
RT @wanderview: Experimental support for fetch() cancellation landed in FF55. Behind a pref. Won't ship until spec finalized. Thanks to And…
RT @mozilla: "WebVR has the inherent potential to grow like wildfire because it is frictionless by design." https://t.co/H37dCpL8FF
RT @wesbos: 🔥 Async + Await makes orchestrating timers a snap! https://t.co/wHYLC4ifLc
React.js Tutorials (@reactjs) https://t.co/MsnlLNKClL (More coming soon!)
@Cechque https://t.co/MsnlLNKClL

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