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RT @penguins: Marc-Andre Fleury donates a new playground and dek rink at Sto-Ken-Rox Boys & Girls Club. Read more: https://t.co/6FlacmGAYz…
#stanleycup #pittsburghpenguins https://t.co/RoTE88DjAc
From Stanley of Preston #stanleycup #pittsburghpenguins https://t.co/pbphO3yguk
Back to back 91 & 92 #pittsburghpenguins #stanleycup @ Mario's East Side Saloon https://t.co/0ZtFrAOlhJ
#2016 #stanleycup #pittsburghpenguins @ Mario's East Side Saloon https://t.co/Dd9hk7fDEh
#stanleycup #pittsburghpenguins @ Mario's East Side Saloon https://t.co/gZcnY6g3KT
RT @dandrezner: Life comes at you fast. https://t.co/uCayuf7Too https://t.co/d5ERyNJvQY
Penny ❤️ @ Fall Run Park https://t.co/EmMqrbuDVy
RT @CNN: Trump: I was elected to represent Pittsburgh, not Paris Pittsburgh mayor: We voted for Clinton w/ nearly 80% of vote https://t.co/…
RT @hardball: Pittsburgh Mayor @billpeduto: We'll make sure we follow the #ParisAgreement. https://t.co/svPZPkr6m0
#wetdog #truckdog @ Fall Run Park https://t.co/J6b5S7Afrh
Penny's night at Fall Run. #wetdog @ Fall Run Park https://t.co/AUtRDTlACj
@ThinkwithGoogle #showmedata website design
#pittsburghpenguins are killing it.
RT @chrislhayes: "A source close to the investigation would not disclose the name of the person of interest but noted it rhymes with Bared…
@dandrezner After the Comey thing, when all other orgs were freaking out, I turned to Fox. Tucker was ranting about… https://t.co/uDfliGpcuB
@printmag I just got one of these!
RT @Evan_McMullin: Freedom-loving Americans should support this effort. This is about protecting our ability to choose our own leaders & ho…
RT @existentialfish: Jeff Sessions in November on Fox News: "FBI Director Comey did the right thing when he found new evidence. He had no c…
RT @chrislhayes: THEY KEEP SAYING THE QUIET PART LOUD https://t.co/kVxYX3v8TZ

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