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RT @keligoff: PROUD to be part of the team that brought @blacklightning to the screen. Here w/ @Nicada @LamontMagee @MaraBrockAkil @ our #B…
RT @EllinesSocial: Ντέιβιντ Παλαιολόγος - Έρευνα Έλληνα καθηγητή για τη σεξουαλική παρενόχληση https://t.co/K1AENKhpZT #ellines #scientist…
RT @SusanPage: In our new poll, 83% of Democrats and 65% of Republicans said they were less likely to vote for a candidate, even if they ag…
A person's age marks an important delineation when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace. But so does mar… https://t.co/BPhMlicjUI
Suffolk University / USA TODAY poll on sexual harassment in the workplace: consensus within gender, geography, race… https://t.co/erzjAg7t4a
Today at NOON, Suffolk University/USATODAY releasing a national poll on sexual harassment in the workplace.
RT @wbenjaminson: Poll: Only 32 percent in USA TODAY poll support tax bill https://t.co/TdiQLsxAQQ via @usatoday
A must read on 12/10! Suffolk University polling included. https://t.co/jgifaoaijK
RT @wbenjaminson: Congrats @singernews ! https://t.co/NiqVGep5aF
RT @raesondk: "Hvis Trump-administrationen fortsætter kursen, bliver det utroligt svært for de republikanske kandidater at overleve" - @dav…
@dbernstein https://t.co/a9nWmFn94P NJ, VA, & Boston
A terrific piece that gets the juices flowing for - dare I say - 2018 and 2022 polling! https://t.co/HtqT33alc9
RT @itsangelodavid: My musical inspiration / big sister I never had @halsey #HopelessFountainKingdom VIP https://t.co/BB3hsKQ6OE
Just think, after tomorrow we'll be hunkering down on Nevada and other key states for 2018! https://t.co/I6UJsEDt3U
Way to go Jon. Congratulations @RalstonReports and wishing you continued success! https://t.co/1dqxwU60wR
RT @usatodayDC: One year later, Trump voters blame the president's tweets for his troubles https://t.co/nCTteLaQYM via @SusanPage & @joshha…
In the Boston mayor's race, ward 1 (East Boston) and ward 10 (Mission Hill) give an early indication of Marty mania https://t.co/u8LGJy5FCf
In VA, watch city of Chesapeake, Loudoun & Caroline counties to get an early heads-up on how the state will vote. https://t.co/u8LGJy5FCf
In NJ, watch Atlantic, Burlington, and Middlesex counties to get an early heads-up on how the state will vote. https://t.co/u8LGJy5FCf
At noon, SUPRC will release bellwether areas to watch tomorrow night in NJ & VA if you are monitoring election returns and want a sneak peak

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Director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, Professional Pollster, Author of the Bellwether Predictor Model
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