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Coulda used this in @MetuchenNJ ... https://t.co/cCjAsthqBN
Having @PennStationNY flashbacks. #HomewardBound https://t.co/d6Y2HfJT4t
RT @ABC: Temperature records are being broken in the Northeast as unseasonably warm air moves into the region. https://t.co/AiQIuhieXr http…
RT @Mike_Knapp: Another huge breach - this one with Cloudflare. Go changes your passwords ... OKCupid, 1Password, Uber, Fitbit. https://t.…
Leaving this, for home. Later, taters. https://t.co/nqm4UA4Dg6
RT @tomloftus: CIO Stats: The Youngest Officer in the C-Suite? Most Likely the CIO https://t.co/6GopC0CeWu
RT @ameliachen: Google Just Discovered A Massive Web Leak... And You Might Want To Change All Your Passwords via @forbes https://t.co/r0uGt…
I have two factor authentication in FB, and yet I am now locked out because someone has accessed my account? You're doing it wrong, FB.
Goodbye, @Beloit_College! You and @pmcquesten we're wonderful hosts! Loved staying at the @IronworksHotel - a true… https://t.co/ddJkk1K14M
@CenterwayAuto straight shot down I43 from MKE. Easy.
RT @kytv: Springfield's City Utilites customers protest higher bills: https://t.co/0ev9BjHTcR
Small town coffee shops are identical across the country. The only differences are the accents.
@CenterwayAuto visiting a colleague @Beloit_College!
On the road. Which means: I'm up. Let's do this. #PunchTheClock. https://t.co/Pq30Il8rgj
RT @PooBasketball: Good luck Coach Stafford and Kickapoo Basketball alum John Fuchs!!! https://t.co/AMBudtD3jp
RT @DruryGrounds: A joy of landscaping @DruryUniversity is watching all of our work show up Year after year. Spring is the start of the #ro…
A little throwback... https://t.co/Prfj4d125l
Couldn't dial up a nicer day @Beloit_College. https://t.co/rLTA1dv8pO
RT @NYCRobyn: Ok I laughed out loud https://t.co/7nO94brAsZ
Travel day to @Beloit_College. #ImUpMa https://t.co/IQFalWgvst

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