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@gruber If one pulls down on the battery, as if going to the control center, the battery % is revealed. Fun discovering new iPhone X things!
I must have missed reviews of the iPhone X indicating battery % wasn't available for display anymore. @gruber #lifewithnotch
@P4nni @Ionicframework Simple check for project dependencies
@raymondcamden @Ionicframework New command to check a project's dependencies. Update your CLI and it should be available.
Love the new CLI command “ionic doctor check.” Thanks @Ionicframework
Pleased @geteero was able to update all their access points so quickly against the #KRACK WiFi WPA exploit. https://t.co/rEMXpwKkKs
@Square please add more / better links on your site to the App Store and Google Play store so we can fine your apps, easily?
@iTraqTag what’s the best way to get support? Been trying through email for several weeks. Second unit to fail. You can do better!
@Square Will the magstrip reader work with the Lightening adaptor Apple provides with their iPhone 7 and 8 phones?
Happy to report that the soon-to-be-released @mylioapp v3 rocks! Super fast syncing. My 80K photos are quite happy! https://t.co/TxzPHSXVDz
@webflowapp If it was then it was only to your site… and I had no trouble reaching your status page.
@Barnacules Let me buy you a coffee in Issaquah! What time / where? Swedish Issaquah has a Starbucks, but there are other better places.
The @webflowapp stat page at https://t.co/NUfpwAWn5m shows nothing wrong but https://t.co/FldlZVgmm4 won’t render. Our sites still work!
There’s trouble in @webflowapp land. Site very unresponsive.
Hey @CBS - #StarTrekDiscovery looks gr8. Sad to pay for it. Still watching episodes that are 51 yrs old. So, I think I can wait again.
@jencountsbeans Yep. Seems like it’s broken. Not loading completely. Some files at https://t.co/ZLuodjg0Bf not work… https://t.co/rDo9RgjS6b
Created a wall hanger for @LoogGuitars that’s 3D printed and less expensive than alternatives. https://t.co/cbEiko5pwo
Had poor experience w/ @Clearwaterisfun trying to shuttle to Ferry. Thx, though, to Phil in security who offered to… https://t.co/XHxQZ5ALO9
Just received my Spark case from @GPCcases. It's awesome! https://t.co/gsndIlcDTb
Excited to be the 1,560th backer on @BackerKit for Loog Pro & Loog Mini: The ult... | Thx @LoogGuitars! https://t.co/euRZTisl0h

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Leads the Eyejot team in Seattle. Enjoys programming and is currently developing new apps for Eyejot for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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