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@robmaccormick @BonfireStories @NeLeBlanc @KIRAAwards thanks all.
RT @RobBarbara: Great stuff happening at Volta! http://t.co/RW2E24d7Pk
Congrats to NMES on completing their Kids & Code Project http://t.co/9rggCRAZ5e @asd_west @CodeKidsCa http://t.co/MYYNhbi4l5
This is just awesome on all counts! Saluting the Everyday Heroes of George St. Middle School over Skype http://t.co/D4t2x120q0
@courosa @stickbyatlas they are just getting started. But lots of teachers are thinking about what they could do now.
@courosa @stickbyatlas Alec coding is a component but it's more than that. http://t.co/S4iZJO62fc
.@stickbyatlas has come up with an interesting proposal to education students on coding. What do you think? http://t.co/KMo0RFkesC
RT @StartupNB: @davidalston last day early bird tkts for Startup Weekend #NB #saintjohn Spread the word pls! http://t.co/32VqIsld5C
How many times have you tried to figure out who's bottle of water is who's? Such a simple and smart idea. http://t.co/75i3K1OO06
@twinmiki For sure. :) Just fired off the deets to the peeps.
@cuddlessoap @psweeze @nancysydney @MichaelWhelton @StephTomilson The best guy to shed light on this is @faceyman
@frogspadca yeah they did have trouble but the article says they learned a lot from that. Innovation always finds a way.
I love seeing our region pushing ahead on tidal energy projects. Fundy power can be a unique & clean differentiator. http://t.co/nFVloZHzel
Racing with the machines -Great TEDTalk. Indeed, working collaboratively with tech is the best way to win. http://t.co/NOIrDmp5ZL
Score. A Commodore 64 set up! http://t.co/1kMTfWt1wt
@JoeStupp Wouldn't that be a cool followup story if that article actually lead to the first restaurant in Montreal. Lots of happy students.
Nice job @jaybaer - Folks, make sure you collect them all @scottmonty @frankeliason @misskatiemo @sonnygill http://t.co/o4J30quYn1
@JoeStupp I guess there were a lot of excited students at McGill yesterday until they figured out it was April Fools http://t.co/n3s6Rej5Ih
RT @CodeKidsCa: Check out the Odin Project - looks like a great curriculum to help prepare you to work as a coder http://t.co/VRXUpgIm8Y
Imagine "The Breakfast Club" meets a business book. Amazing storytelling. @twinmiki this should be a movie. http://t.co/YTvhNJ8vrS

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