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Give The GIFT OF HELLO This Holiday Season https://t.co/zlzYMqo2Bm via YellowIs4Hello
RT @cjmennis: ooh NouLab, very nice #GovMaker https://t.co/cBGhRw6dC6
@zaidhassan thanks for a copy of your book today. I look forward to reading it. #GovMaker https://t.co/XEDBeCmGWZ
Congrats to @EigenInnovation On being a finalist in Cisco's Grand Innovation Challenge. Good luck in Dubai! https://t.co/n5OqZFHCEW
Awesome! Congrats to @thealexgillis @RttechSoft & the other winners of a National @Startup_Canada Award. Well done! https://t.co/DtWuDbjJFn
Awesome launch of NouLAB at #GovMaker https://t.co/2WDbLYaICt
Kudos to the #govmaker team for bringing in @zaidhassan - his thinking is bang on.
RT @ldhandren: "New Brunswick's public policy and fiscal challenges are too complex for government alone to solve." - @dohertyed. Yup. #Gov…
RT @thefaketree: "Innovation means challenging the status quo" - Hon. Ed Doherty #GovMaker
RT @ConnexionWorks: Register Now: Community Building with @davidalston Wednesday Nov. 25 12PM-1PM @ConnexionWorks https://t.co/K9pjmVS10T @…
@ktuer Darn, sorry about that. I tend to get pretty excited about this stuff :). Yes please follow me and I will DM my email/phone# for call
@nora3000 Thanks Nora. Great job on the keynote and moderating. Glad you were able to inspire us today.
@ktuer I'm sitting near the back to the left when looking at the stage.
@ktuer Would love to Kevin. Let's see if we can grab the same table at lunch perhaps.
Thanks @nora3000 & the panel @BioscienceNB @GeoNB_announce @Paul_Macmillan @ktuer for fielding my 2 year in the future question #govmaker
@nora3000 of @sparkcbc kicks off #govmaker https://t.co/x3BO0sqIY5
@halirob Not that I know of but I'm a bit far from the scene. Maybe @gavinuhma or @jevon or @brilliant_labs may know.
@ErinSchryer Great catching up this morning and thanks for sharing your insights.
And thank you @CGAlward for helping to champion it as well.
National open data summit comes to New Brunswick https://t.co/1CSIlc5a8X

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