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$20K Hackathon winner uses open data to design Career Path app #opendata http://t.co/dtT9AkpDcW
Social Innovation: Putting a Number on Saving the World http://t.co/QHBMFfiXWr
@AirCanada just landed. Please tell AC1268 gate I've got my running shoes on and making a sprint for it.
RT @DuncanFMatheson: Did the media go overboard in covering that road rage incident? Yes. http://t.co/t7DVzoPO1C
Bravely taking a hard look at our online culture of humiliation, @monicalewinsky asks for a different way. #TEDTalk https://t.co/oSQwvtO2Uo
RT @CalvinMilbury: Tech executive Cathy Simpson @cds40 appointed chairperson of NBIF @nb_innovation: http://t.co/I0TdOLZzSP
RT @cdndevs: @davidalston We wanted to intro ourselves & let you know about our Developer Movement. Hope you can join us: http://t.co/Ur1jY…
90%+ of physicians in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the Netherlands use electronic medical records http://t.co/oa5loe9GGR
Alberta Netcare portal - "The seamless flow of information helps to eliminate treatment delays and improves the care" http://t.co/8FlKxWvU9P
@BBTNB Actually here's a bit from the interview I did on the Regina show this morning. http://t.co/u4DDNzRm11 #EastCoastEd
@EastCoastEdu I actually did 9 interviews in a row this morning for CBC radio morning shows across the country but wasn't on the Current :)
@TDellerCBC @SLangeneggerCBC And I bet when I was running full tilt it would heat up enough to actually make toast.
RT @markabates: Kids learn computer code in class to help with problem solving http://t.co/sjsvnxGlQF #eastcoasted @CodeKidsCa
@SLangeneggerCBC @TDellerCBC Good times. My first computer was the Vic20 with a whopping 2k. I was in dreamland when I got the 8k expander.
@CBCInfoRad :) If you happen to have kids I betcha they could get you brushed up on those coding skills in no time flat. :)
@LiveInFinland @MorningNorth I know the approach they had when we visited them for the documentary was blending it with existing courses
@OttawaMorning Great chatting with you this morning. Thanks. #codekids
@CBCSuperiorMorn Thanks for having me on the show this morning Lisa #codekids
@MorningNorth Thanks for the chat on Coding in schools Markus #codekids
@CBCInfoRad Thanks for having me on the show this morning.

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