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Audi has successfully made diesel fuel from carbon dioxide and water - carbon neutral diesel now a reality - http://t.co/X50BWy3sTT
Love seeing this. #studententrepreneurship #socialenterprise https://t.co/ZwJpyUbjg8
World Happiness Report 2015 ranks Canada as one of the happiest countries on earth :) http://t.co/eg36Z6sEsW
Report: 'It is time to bust the myth of physical inactivity and obesity: you cannot outrun a bad diet.' http://t.co/uktlTdur67
11 Ways Finland’s Education System Shows Us that “Less is More”. http://t.co/K2hZvYeWcx
Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables http://t.co/hms1IeFbmu
#stats When it comes to 'life satisfaction' small cities dominate in Canada - including #saintjohn at #6 http://t.co/Y2ojEwu6j4
A very cool initiative started by MCNY in NY - The Welfare to Careers Project http://t.co/Oax6tfj68I
The Traits of Socially Innovative Companies - HBR https://t.co/Q5lwGujmGb
Take a look behind the scenes of Project Loon, Google's lofty plan to bring the Internet to everyone - CNET http://t.co/uuR5ICzlYu
RT @pembatrees: The future of energy: clean, decentralized and portable. #NB ideas making global change #millenialdream @davidalston http:/…
@pembatrees #awesome
Mayor Michael Bloomberg introduces the i-teams - Innovation teams that use innovation to improve government https://t.co/Ej3prcgjaB
@dshukla72 @KIRAAwards @ChrisMa53787253 Ditto on that sentiment from me as well.
RT @NeLeBlanc: Congrats to @EigenInnovation @QimpleHR & #RessonTech on their @KIRAAwards nominations. Top performing #startups in the @BDC_…
@KarinaMLeBlanc @ChrisMa53787253 @dshukla72 @KIRAAwards Thx Karina. It's an honour to be listed next to these two amazing industry champs.
How To Make DIY Concrete Nesting Tables With Legos | Another great maker space technique @brilliant_labs http://t.co/lZmVH6lJWP
Do you think you could out-MacGyver MacGyver? What's your idea for TV show to encourage girls to follow STEM careers? http://t.co/EvImpWlyQ6
RT @AdamMcKim: @EastCoastEdu #EastCoastEd #nbpoli @davidalston @UptownJWong @rvanbeek1 @CHATtotheFuture http://t.co/pwQCDSp8tK
Infographic: Zeroing in on your purpose. https://t.co/fEqdJXJr2y http://t.co/uVSU8HfBiH

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