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RT @askchantal: Claasrrom time is hands on time. collaboration time. Coaching time. Tweeking time :) That's how it works in the world. Why …
RT @askchantal: Our kids will go where they feel connected. Can we make sure that they feel connected to NB? get them engaged 2 making this…
@morais_ma @NBEducation Merci beaucoup!!
Open data initiatives start to take hold at US state level. #nbdigitalfuture http://t.co/8c5y2Dio9D
North Carolina to pilot eID #nbdigitalfuture http://t.co/KuSR6rZJq6
@cuddlessoap @PCampAtlantic @Strynatka may know a few.
Salesforce Pours $6M Into SF Schools, Computer Science Education http://t.co/ii35vszcsj via @techcrunch
RT @HoC_Canada: .@TEDxToronto please support computer science education in Canada. Help us get the word out about @HoC_Canada @codeorg #edu…
RT @NeLeBlanc: Don't miss it, @CodeKidsCa is airing on #CBC across Canada. Find out why kids should learn to #code. http://t.co/YvjSy2nYng …
@hadip I see you are going to be speaking here at #df14 - would love to catch up and compare notes re our Canadian #codekids & @codeorg
RT @stratta: Attending #DF14? Be sure to swing by the @Introhive booth and say hi http://t.co/5HxcTLECl3
Time to rest up. Looking forward to catching up with lots of old friends at #DF14 tomorrow.
@halirob That's great to hear Rob.
@halirob The #nbdigitalfuture movement actually has a lot of champions now so it's gonna happen here - not a matter of if but when. #soon
@EastPointSJ You as well.
A great Chronicle Herald piece from @lisahrabluk on what's next for the Maritimes http://t.co/QiWexzFVqF
The amazing setup of Estonia's digital society. #nbdigitalfuture http://t.co/FrKeXUGZq5
RT @torusoft: Proud to launch the Nova Scotia Digital Bridge Scholarship, in partnership with @janovascotia http://t.co/N6zCgpVU0b http://t…
@lisahrabluk @wickedideas & John McLaughlin share thorough analysis & ideas in new e-book #nbpoli #nbdigitalfuture https://t.co/2F7AWWyYiL

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