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.@living_sj is hiring a Evaluation and Communications Manager. Be part of ending generational poverty. https://t.co/C503og1TcF
RT @susanalmon: @davidalston Please RT. May 13 in SJ @ConnexionWorks https://t.co/nM4y0t4DSI
Redefining accountability to treat teachers and leaders like the professionals they are https://t.co/frmlIMKZsq
I love this story AND the tech he and his team are creating! | To Be a Genius, Think Like a 94-Year-Old https://t.co/FcUNGkjJI0
If you are a tourism operator in NB, or aspire to be, see you at the Tourism Innovation Conference on May 8th https://t.co/hy9JJEyTV4
@aexm Yes I was just thinking that as well. Another great example of RaaS (residency-as-a-service).
Thailand's very creative repeat tourist strategy aimed at retirees. https://t.co/zGjr44RSbI
Canadian employers have jobs they can't fill — so they're looking to the US for job-seekers https://t.co/oy3gmHxkgO
@susanalmon @GregHemmings Fortunately all the #tedxmoncton talks will be shared online so you can catch them later
Thank @ifoggs - looking forward to it.
Nice piece from @drstevenmurphy: echoed many of the same points when fortunate to share BCAPI.ca story… https://t.co/LyJ0b5kvzx
@VanessaPaesani @ErinSchryer I believe you can find the livestream at https://t.co/9jpbjyPl8X once it starts #tedxmoncton
@loriclair Yes it's a cool idea. I remember reading about STIR in San Fran when I was looking at my EIR role.
@GregHemmings Ha ha. Yes they sure were hungry today.
@jeffroach Cool. Thanks Jeff. I will pass it along. Blockchain solutions have definitely been on the radar.
A really great use of blockchain: BanQu - Economic Identities for the unbanked moving out of extreme poverty. https://t.co/MNznniFk22
Nice piece by @mattbraga on @code4ca's approach to injecting new DNA https://t.co/QfkpnalEM7
Great job on your interview on @ShiftNB @LArtdelInfusion - love seeing all that grassroots energy!
@UptownJWong Exactly John. Why continuing our collective push as a community via the @living_sj movement is so critical.
Congrats @ChinovaB for getting accepted into The first cohort of Terra Accelerator https://t.co/BjUHzPgAXb)

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