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Bringing a human touch to artificial limbs - so awesome that this tech is being developed here in NB @UNBFredericton http://t.co/IOfhVItsKh
Man Successfully Controls 2 Prosthetic Arms With Just His Thoughts http://t.co/MzOiUwMfIq via @HuffPostTech
RT @ValaAfshar: The most important leadership skills http://t.co/VWYPb99kN6 http://t.co/aEyPpIWcZg
@pembatrees Awesome. Would love to hear that. Ping me the next time you are up to SJ.
Great talk by Tim O'Reilly, "Government as a Platform for Greatness" #nbdigitalfuture http://t.co/fCggfL1tos
@pembatrees No problem. Thanks for being a great #socent example for others to aspire to #themillennialdream
RT @HarryForestell: NB-based Community Forests International gains EU attention with $1 million Euro commitment to support Pemba, Tanzania …
How a Teen Knew She was Ready to Teach Computer Coding Skills | MindShift http://t.co/1W6vRhFniA #codekids
Tech Figures Join to Fund http://t.co/HrYUUyMD9C Petition Site http://t.co/PfgJIslQtb #the millennialdream
Iowa Launches An App For Your Drivers License http://t.co/pfjYKToMaX #nbdigitalfuture
Obvious Ventures: Focused on `World-Positive’ Investing https://t.co/vdPxvOxBiJ #themillennialdream
Under 8 hours to go on the Timbre Cases kickstarter - have you pledged - https://t.co/JnhtOVtd6B
5 Apps to Prevent Texting and Driving http://t.co/DOWS98PaQ9 via @mashable
"In addition to creating jobs, new companies are the foundation of the economy and the source of much innovation." https://t.co/ec3wGeQjHy
"Research shows that 80 percent of new jobs come from companies 5 years old or less." - Don Tapscott https://t.co/ec3wGeQjHy
@CareerBuilder LMK if that quote helps. Thanks for asking.
@CareerBuilder "If you are in the tech space reach out to your local school and offer to mentor a coding club or speak about your career."
Generation Z: The kids who’ll save the world? - The Globe and Mail #themillennialdream #genZ http://t.co/nFn88zZnJw
RT @InvestNB: How to Build Tomorrow's Innovators and Entrepreneurs Today http://t.co/hqjm6ZPKiW #entrepreneur #coding via: @davidalston
RT @CSEdWeek: Kids can create amazing things. Check out what some are building as more code is coming to Canadian schools. CodeKids.ca

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