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RT @citiesforpeople: Now 'The Human Scale' are available at Netflix in Canada http://t.co/Trx5K7U3Dh (a direct link for Canadian folks http…
Some great lessons found in here. RT @dtapscott: 19 Cities Where It May Be Easier To Make Your Mark http://t.co/P4FKecJcua
RT @100MenWhoCareCa: ONE Change wins @100MenWhoCareCa meeting! Congratulations! http://t.co/VbEeBf4djt
RT @stephenalmon: RT @davidalston @EricDSavoie @DanielJardine @markleger will b at tonight's @100MenWhoCareCa meeting. Will you? 5:30 pm, M…
RT @RRPSNBSPRN: The #govmaker conference is in full launch! Check it out http://t.co/eO9lqxwmqg #nbpoli
RT @RRPSNBSPRN: #GovMaker: A conference exploring the why of #opendata and the how of #opengov http://t.co/VR0wF2nEXO #nbpoli
America's Tech Guru Steps Down—But He's Not Done Rebooting the Government | WIRED http://t.co/PwDgW1jeO4
@LaniKaiDuck @TamaraMcCleary @jonesvibe42 6 years ago people were obsessed about the "media" part of social media instead of relationships.
@LaniKaiDuck @TamaraMcCleary @jonesvibe42 I actually said this in a presentation 6 yrs ago and a spambot keeps retweeting it periodically ;)
@TBS_Canada thanks for organizing the discussion today on #opendata #opengov #ogap2
What a great #TEDtalk by @ZakEbrahim on the power to choose. Jon did you ever invite Zak on @TheDailyShow? http://t.co/Bl7g68Dc6s
Great infographic by @nowsourcing on the skills we need to be teaching students for 2020 #nbpoli #nbdigitalfuture http://t.co/ZljvyGmm6Y
Bootstrap - for students ages 12-16. Teaches algebraic and geometric concepts through coding. #codekids http://t.co/u6mKby1fCw
@EduTechMatt Thanks Matt
@kentabutler hey there. @codeorg has some great stuff as well as @KidsCoding when it comes to curriculums to follow for grade 7 students
“How Andreessen Horowitz Is Disrupting Silicon Valley” by Peter Sims https://t.co/JvT5ZgIZM6 #powerofrelationships
RT @thomjeff: BBC helping push coding into schools. Watch the video for one kid's take on current "ICT" classes cc: @davidalston http://t.c…
BBC News - Coding: Ten-year-old computer programmer backs school change http://t.co/2cnmkFbaFJ #codekids
Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion -TEDTalk Education http://t.co/9qWwfNYAsX
@prof_blain Hey wow Sylvie you are absolutely right. Many points in common. Great to see.

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