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There's a solar system on 1-in-5 households in Australia now http://t.co/ijfpUPR6f9
@PplofNBMarkets In Freddy you register for a card and then you swipe it and you can park free. They haven't decided in SJ yet I don't think.
RT @Ian_Ambir: Congrats to our friend and mentor Gerry Pond on honourary doctorate at SMU @BrianGallantNB @Melnortonsj @susanholt http://t.…
@Keevill @Ian_Ambir @GerryPond Indeed. I guess we now need to refer to him as Doc.
@thomasdfournier @cuddlessoap No that one is the Burgess's - ours is black. :)
@cuddlessoap We love our Volt. Funny thing is I think only 3 people have even noticed its electric in the 15 months we've own it.
As one of the 5 electric cars on the road in #saintjohn I love seeing this to encourage others to do the same http://t.co/2cOInp7l20
Coming Soon: The World's Largest Tidal Power Plant Will Generate Electricity for 175,000 Scottish Homes http://t.co/lX0XzmdTcR
Scotland's £10 mil Saltire Prize unlocks innovative solutions to use tidal energy to make them 100% green by 2020 http://t.co/93q1mzzPgA
@DaveRGallant hey thanks Dave. Glad it resonated.
@agray Goes without saying :)
Benioff: "We don’t need more cloud. We don’t need more mobile. We don’t need more social. We need more data science.” http://t.co/pId5tB8ppO
New amazing metal is so hydrophobic it makes water bounce like magic - this could change so many things. Wow. http://t.co/GDg0T5TkQb
http://t.co/rdUa5NAxv9: How coding can help fight global inequality - BBC News #codekids http://t.co/mCD908UhWy
The volume of water going in and out of The Bay of Fundy daily is more than the volume of all the world's rivers=wow! http://t.co/HSnhSWp0hD
RT @BrianGallantNB: Check out timbrecases - a homegrown New Brunswick company doing amazing work! #StartUpNB http://t.co/7RyXSlL6ze
How Brands Can Attract Millennials Looking For Meaningful Work #themillennialdream http://t.co/vJCRQoyLDO
@PascalePaulin1 It's a great team with lots of experience. Looking forward to working with them and NBers to come up with lots of ideas.
@AlainaLockhart hey thanks Alaina. I am looking forward to hearing lots of great ideas from NBers. It takes all of us to make it work.
Here's a great quote by @lynne_twist: "Rather than looking at the unanswered questions, we now need to look at the unquestioned answers."

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