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Empty Store Space: How to Turn a Retail Liability Into an Asset | Insights by @ColliersIntl http://t.co/y17PEVBPSh #CRE #retail
Infographic: State of the Cloud in 2014 http://t.co/NMelJLt0EO
Google Earth for Android - "Major Overhaul" http://t.co/Z4nidP0whM #webmaps
What Role Should Philanthropy Play in #CRE? - GlobeSt http://t.co/eLdGQto9kT
How E-Commerce May Actually Be Strengthening the Traditional Storefront #CRE #retail @HonestBuildings http://t.co/dqTS7R9PjF
Creating Meaning: Adobe Digital Marketing Summit Recap | UX Magazine http://t.co/93diR5RBum
iPad Air 2 Review: The Best Tablet Available, Now More Portable And Powerful http://t.co/RpI1LfLQeu
Ta daaa! >> GIFdeck converts SlideShares into animated GIFs http://t.co/7kyrZVjiJz < via @AGBeat
Jimmy John's non-compete zones in Google Earth (+ can anyone merge to KML polys w/o fancy GIS program?) http://t.co/0GpfcUiL6T #CRE #retail
How a JLL Building Saves Energy, Makes $80K | Energy Manager Today http://t.co/HQ8gdHsKNo #CRE #energyefficiency
"Why No One Wants Your LoopNet Alternative (And What They Do Want)" via @CREOutsider http://t.co/NowNwZ2NiM #CRE
E-Tailers Open Stores To Improve One-To-One Relationships With Shoppers http://t.co/HVuNDeDUyy #CRE #retail
HERE it comes: Nokia’s excellent mapping software arrives on Android http://t.co/fgvc0ixR5y
Graphic: Are you in an unhealthy office relationship? - Washington Post http://t.co/IOioSlNiJO
Crain's picks Chicago's "Coolest Offices" of 2014 http://t.co/tsdVztgMDT #CRE
The Midwest Is On Track For Its Strongest Year In Startup Investing http://t.co/aAgNdlEi4b http://t.co/MOqrRnsaFc
The Midwest Is On Track For Its Strongest Year In Startup Investing http://t.co/aAgNdlEi4b
RT @creGROW: Urban Layers - Interactive Map: The Age of Every Building in Manhattan (since 1765) - CityLab http://t.co/TeBdQf0zim #CRE #web…
New iPads Will Force Us To Redefine The Screen | Six Pixels Podcast http://t.co/10PVAIg0l0
Record Low Cap Rate (sub-5) on Walmart Sale in Pensacola, FL - GlobeSt http://t.co/WSuN9Wa04B #CRE #retail

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