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Top 11 #CRE Marketing Trends for 2015 | @ColliersIntl http://t.co/O7G1nSYw2n
Infographic: Characteristics of Most Effective vs. Least Effective B2B Content Marketers http://t.co/GlSxx3WFIp
To truly transform local neighborhoods... "Focus on Scale Up, Not Start-up" http://t.co/qbjrzI1Ru4
Drone entrepreneurs face “colossal mess” under planned FAA law http://t.co/qQBEnYobNB #CRE
Attn #CRE: FAA will require Commercial Drone Operators to Have a License, Fly in Daylight http://t.co/ux6BjFiSlk
nice selection of productivity apps via @AGBeat: http://t.co/3pc4oxhvdb
Why the Chicago Flag Is Such a Brilliant Design http://t.co/bxMm3qJLwr
@BOMAChicago 2014 Annual Report http://t.co/OjRTG14xi5 #CRE
fascinating: http://t.co/ICgTMjHyAk #cre
Because they're awesome. >> Basecamp Integrations, Apps, and Add-ons http://t.co/BDbaSe9ACc @37signals
Community ‘Living Space’ and the Progressive Retail Shopping Experience | Insights @ColliersIntl http://t.co/3LqTm1pIZW #CRE #retail
"Writing-first Design" by Jonas Downey of Basecamp @37signals http://t.co/w3ImZuL4NR
What's the Secret Behind @RPAI_REIT 10-Year Plan? - GlobeSt http://t.co/vAat5yXmkc #CRE #retail
@CBRE Data Center Report ranks Chicago as front runner in market cost comparison http://t.co/jLXSaumCoU #CRE
RT @narREach: Open call for companies to apply for our 2015 #Tech #Accelerator! http://t.co/hjyZuOj5Lh http://t.co/NHLSHoHLgC
RT @creGROW: Spray your #CRE portfolio addresses on a map using the Google Geocoding API v3 http://t.co/rt8JrXdAXk #webmaps
@CREOutsider latest post is awesome as per usual. "#CRE Online Marketing Takes a Turn" http://t.co/LI1BrQIiB7
How Will Apple Pay Benefit Small Retailers? | TechCrunch http://t.co/asSbp8Odid #CRE #retail
OK who invented hashtag #CRE? Year? @dukelong? @commsource? >> Twitter Search Update Exposes Every Tweet Since 2006 http://t.co/jfXv0mhVU1
now that's kinda cool: Twitter Now Lets You Share Public Tweets Via Direct Messages | TechCrunch http://t.co/aoOyPQgeYz

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