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GameStop Wins Bid To Take Over 163 RadioShack Stores http://t.co/0GzcD4WG1C #CRE #retail
VIDEO: Google's new California HQ is a greenhouse utopia by BIG and Heatherwick http://t.co/CRS8AYYiwU #CRE
RT @RuscilliCRE: Amazon secures land in Dublin and Hilliard (OH) for data center network http://t.co/77RFpq7HPq #CRE http://t.co/PJJwo5vjJs
@GalwayCompanies Launches Mobile-Friendly Website by @creGROW | @TNF_RE http://t.co/5tUUMnFjfQ #RWD for #CRE
RT @creGROW: Good news for the entire @creGROW family! >> Google Makes “Mobile-Friendliness” A Ranking Signal Worldwide http://t.co/8i5tLWA…
4 Different Turnaround Tales at Retailers Sears, Kohl's, Gap & JC Penney http://t.co/ktXBqX2HOA #CRE #retail
@Citymaps Raises $6M As Its Mapping App Goes Global http://t.co/XcgqqQiHX5 #retail #CRE
Report by @CompStak: "Where in Chicago are Tech Startups Going?" http://t.co/1XYYMxLPkN #CRE
McColly Bennett Commercial Launches Mobile-Friendly Website by @creGROW | @TNF_RE http://t.co/3HKNgZkRHX #RWD for #CRE
my @CatylistCRE profile page: http://t.co/bFPwQEe7vV #CRE @NICAR_ @creGROW
RT @creGROW: Watch Tech’s Takeover of San Francisco’s Office Space In This Visualization http://t.co/h1TwXWCHdK #CRE #webmaps
Chicago's @HerbFront Aims High with Zoning and Mapping Platform | @elmspringCHI http://t.co/7HTLHDuJB5 #CRE
Seth's Blog: 'Connect to' vs. 'Connect' http://t.co/mw5gptf085
Tenants Prefer Sustainable Buildings, Research Finds | Green Building News http://t.co/bzHnM2bBFE #CRE #sustainability
Bradford Real Estate (http://t.co/2OpbzdAbIk) Launches Mobile-Friendly Website by @creGROW | @TNF_RE http://t.co/OPea4RZhPE #RWD for #CRE
VIVA Finalist: Fashion Outlets of Chicago | @ICSC Blog http://t.co/1h45mjGXk0 #CRE #retail
ouch. @ Arc Center, West Chicago, Illinois https://t.co/Sb9asHW8NP
Cushman & Wakefield Going Up for Sale - Rising Property Prices Pushing Up Value of Rivals - WSJ http://t.co/Lg87nSHtWn
Frank Lloyd Wright Finally Gets The Web Presence He Deserves http://t.co/QJookogYcD
Carmel, IN: The Rise of a Smart Growth Suburb http://t.co/gFL0JtZ7hp #CRE

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