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"We" at Darling Shoes agree 100% with "MyGlobalKitchen!"
So ... we at Darling would like to hear from you ... What do you think is more healthful for women, high heels or fast food!?
Happy Mother's Day to Moms everywhere on this wonderful day to be with family!
@monkeytoesshoes Congratulations to MonkeyToes on winning the Best of the Best Baby Shoes!
Artificial food-dye & ADHD connection?
Young Moms & Dads: Great read for your parents to preserve brain power -
Seems hat babies process new language skills just as we do (surely better!) ..
60% OFF on Holiday Blowout! from Darling Shoes via #constantcontact
Holidays Gifts (and Free Shipping) from Darling Shoes! via #constantcontact
Holidays Gifts from Darling Shoes! via #constantcontact
Darling Shoes FREE SHIPPING on all SPECIALS has begin!
Anyone attend Dr John Medina lecture at Denver University on brain rules for baby? If so you now know how to get your babies into Harvard!
We like to hear your suggestions for "Holiday Coupons & Specials" - Please share!
Dr John Medina - Denver U lecture - Oct 28 - 4:30 PM - Brain Rules for Baby - (Tickets necessary) -
The Darling Baby Shoes FaceBook page is up and running. Come check it out!
Saw twins wearing Darling Baby Shoes yesterday afternoon in the Sun Valley Mall!
Putting inexpensive softsole baby shoe line together. Up to age 9 months only. Remember, baby is in and out sizes in 30-45 days. Comments!?
Hats off to all of you young parents who travel. Recent Frontier STL - Denver flt over an hour - and then - luggage! Another hour wait!
@DanielleSmithTV a suggestion from here is "the help" - on best seller list

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