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I get sexually aroused when my garden hose loops back on itself, goes flat & the water stops. I know what you're thinking.. Kinky!
I've begun my week off with a sleep-in till 8am. Tonight, MCing @TheComicsLounge oh yeah, I'm working my week off. :-)
Last day of @adelaide_fringe and I've only got 2 shows- The Ashes and Best Of British, it feels like a day off!
How wild am I? Last Saturday of Fringe and I'm home at 11.15pm, having supper and watching #TheWalkingDead the times they are a changing!!
First stop on my day off, Glenelg, priority 1- lunch.. burrito bowl at #livinlavidalocal I am so Irish today #StPatricksDay
I have a day off. A rare thing at fringe, especially on a Friday. My venue's an Irish Pub & it's #StPatricksDay They really don't need me!
RT @ntrscomedy: FINAL 4 @adelaide_fringe @SETLISTSHOW's. Starting 2NITE! MC @LindsWebb w/ @GordonSouthern @kaihumphries @tesswaters @CareyM…
People of #adelaide I have access to some free tickets to one of the funniest shows at #ADLfringe - Seymour Mace at TuxedoCat 7.15pm msg me!
Front Page of @theTiser - cycle lane to be half removed, also Red Apples to be grown. Page 2- Backpacker kidnapped. Priorities?
#Clipsal500 we have survived you! Now I'm expecting a chilled out Monday night of laughs followed by #TheWalkingDead and a good snooze.
@Matojo7 if he doesn't mind a bit of swearing, then it's suitable! ;-)
@samwilliams2410 what an absolute idiot. But I'll probably remember last nights gig more than any others! Ta for sticking with us!!!
Back in #perth via #melbourne and #adelaide.. sold out shows rocking the house.. on Monday it's back to Adelaide and reality! Livin Perth!
@joelcreasey I tried to drive the whole way and gave up at Border Town, thus I'm hear teaching the locals how shoes work.
I'm in the South Australias version of the Mos Eisley Cantina. Border town Hotel. I'd like to fit in, but I don't have a hi vis vest..
#PTV 693 bus more than 5mins early (9.20am stop ID 14416), what utter uselessness is that? There's no excuse for an early bus. @ptv_official
Just messaged Norman Lovett to confirm tonight's gig, looked up and realised I was sat next to Craig Charles, never felt so #RedDwarf
Into the final 3rd of Perth Fringeworld. @kaihumphries and @CareyMarx are doing the business, and my voice remains unbroken. 3 months to go!
After 2 nights of full solo shows and #BestOfBritish I've a sneaking feeling Sunday is gonna bring me back to earth with a resounding bump!
It's January 3rd, and I'm already feeling good about 2017.. I bought a calendar today- 50% off and only 0.5% of it is unusable. #2017rocks !

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