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@joemurph hi Joe - we actively remove offensive users as reported. We'll consider whether it makes sense to set preventative rules. Thx!
RT @pinchmylips: Ordered Chinese last night. For a minute I was like "they woke AF" Then I realized I was tripping it was beef lo mein. h…
RT @BuzzFeed: oh god https://t.co/RSdpKk464S
RT @Schwarzenegger: As proud as I am to label myself a Republican, there is one label that I hold above all else - American. My full statem…
@fredwilson now I gotta look for a replica on etsy
@ErinHeights @disqus sorry to hear. Have you contacted the site owner? We don't moderate
Having my first Sophie's choice moment with the iPhone 7. I picked music for my walk and will just have to charge up later
While proofreading something I wrote, I caught typos of "snapshot" as "snapchat" -- twice. Worried about what I've missed and for how long
RT @disqus: Announcing: Disqus now compatible with Google AMP⚡️💬https://t.co/ZO3W9YvN6v https://t.co/wcXJyD3sk0
Me 12pm 9/7: everything about the iPhone 7 is dumb Me 12am 9/9: *orders Jet Black*
@miguel_cabeza sure, what are you trying to do? daniel@disqus.com
@antirez sorry - you can go to settings to configure ads off if they don't fit your site
@SingleTee17 @RTARL what's not working?
@michjmurphy We will follow up with your initial requests too
@michjmurphy @disqus Sure, can you email me at daniel@disqus.com
@ryanbl sure shoot me an email - Daniel at disqus
@crazyadventures curious to what the issue was. Lmk if we can still help.
@crazyadventures @disqus what's up
@mattrobenolt I am jealous of everything in that photo. How much you want for the bear?

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