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Ayúdenme con un like en mi video #AGloberToConverge Artificial Intelligence en Globant, NY. https://t.co/qQbF7uC6Bi. Help me liking this!
RT @neuroecology: This is one of the most exciting theoretical neuroscience (yes) papers I've read See also https://t.co/sQooW67D0X
Google Street View is now in outer space too https://t.co/7vjP5Y55Bq via @thenextweb
RT @neiltyson: In 1927 Lindbergh flew from NY to Paris. 45 yrs later, in 1972 we last walked on the Moon. 45 yrs later, in 2017 we… we… we…
@alexazta https://t.co/NRqkEO5fng
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RT @torrenegra: Atlassian acquires Trello for $425M https://t.co/aBXDxqVIi1
RT @GizmodoES: Esta increíble foto de la Tierra y la Luna está tomada desde Marte https://t.co/hh4gl0Pzwv https://t.co/sLjYxqKNtQ
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BECAUSE Better together -Feliz cumple.. https://t.co/fNGt45d9DE
RT @torrenegra: A Brief History of Everything, feat. Neil deGrasse Tyson https://t.co/sxadpy43nY
@linamariatabord a propósito de Data Science, puedo escribirle al respecto directamente? tendría que seguirme para escribirle en privado
Tendencias 2016 --Data Science... https://t.co/8xbAdfhYx8 @linamariatabord @Ministerio_TIC https://t.co/zZcJCPFAZb
De acuerdo https://t.co/tXe2cHEhHl
NASA's Curiosity Rover Snaps Another Stunning 'Selfie' On Mars https://t.co/tZZd2uv7A0
RT @torrenegra: 4 Ways That Gamification Can Change Your Life https://t.co/uDTnb24HIK @yukaichou @lifehackorg #gamification #learning #gamin

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