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6 Best Animal Friendly Cosmetic Companies
@macaroniandglue I've thought about it: )
oh my! up til 2am packaging mineral makeup and getting glass stuff ready..and the clock is minerla stuff later though: )
@crochetgal thanks for the chuckle before I hit the rack! nightie night!
@jen_hintz probably! it is might get a few folks on the fence!
I am trying to get as much listed as I can..and tweaking the listings later.I like the new eyeshades better than the old! great formula!
@jewel_era great feedback! I will go back and do that! I am developing new shades!I have a new all day eyeshadow and all day liner goingup
hmm no link
20g mineral foundation,20g mineral veil,10g concealer,kabuki & concealer brush $37!!
@Allijewels very cool! nice earrings!
trying to list on artfire..going nuts...hanging it up for the evening!`
@kittenspawn ty! it looks very user friendly! and reasonable..I may give it a shot!
anyone use art on fire?
ummm how do you LIKE sp errors early!
@kittenspawn how do you liek art on fire?
@MarcyLamberson yup...gotta visual! hehe
@Justinehemp woooo dangerous place ! hehe...saving for later! thanks!
it's hot...hmmm better hang up the keuboard tonight : ) is my mineral makeup shop
I just finished packing up 13 shipments! I'm running a sample special in my mineral makeup shop! it shot!

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I am a lampwork glass artist and have been melting glass for over 10 years now. and REALLY natural