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$NTDOY Added the % to show onto the custom Japan TYO: 7974 convert to NTDOY ticker #stockticker #nintendo
@JellyPlaysStuff do you have link to article?
$NTDOY The Japan TYO: 7974 conversion to NTDOY price in real time! #conversion #nintendo #stock
@z_a_i_i Whys it up today?
RT @TheCojoyo: Weatherman: Floridians should evacuate Floridians:
@erichschuler @breath0air @kitosan Any good news?
RT @SealedAirRepair: Have you seen @SealedAirRepair's new website? It's fresh, new, and ready for you! Schedule your end of season/repairs…
Do you remember wine coolers? What was in them? And where did they all go?
@25544SHADOW why wouldnt they? do you think playstation would show switch or xbox logos?
@HyruleOtaku how is it?
RT @WaifX: thank you for the recommendation to watch What The Health. I will no longer be eating food.
can @NintendoAmerica and @OriginalFunko please work out a deal & make some pops already! #pokemonpop #mariopop #zeldapop my head would pop!
@jacsauce how long is the wait?
Thanks @walmart for ruining my week and taking away my #SNESClassic . Cant wait to buy it again when @Target has it…
@OriginalFunko 1. Battle Cat Skeletor 2. Chrome Batman 3. Supor Daffy Duck
Back in my day it took 62 hrs to download a 3MB song off of napster
@Toy_Tokyo when are you releasing the pop exclusives?
Owning collectables is like a savings account of cool stuff that you can look at

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