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RT @pythonglasgow: Join us on the 16th for our first meet of 2018! We will meet in the Raven for a drink and lots of geeky chat. https://t.…
@CristianIstrate @home_assistant It was never supported AFAIK
@acollard @Worthingparkrun You could try and draw it 🤣 put it on your phone screen and trace!
@acollard @Worthingparkrun Probably. I tried showing it on my phone at a local one and they said they couldn’t acce…
RT @Andrew_Adonis: “The European Union withdrawal bill is the worst legislation of my lifetime. It arrives soon in the House of Lords and I…
@aleszoulek @circleci Rebates are good IMO, but otherwise you are trying to shoot yourself in the foot!
@sdague @home_assistant Hacking on stuff with home assistant is great fun.
@fractal -2 step away from the computer
So proud.
@guardianaudio lots of junk in the feed today?
@bazilbroome Nope!
@mitsuhiko 🤦‍♂️
@andrewgodwin Which did you go for?
@judy2k Everyone!
RT @europythons: EuroPython 2018: Location and Dates ...
@rawkode Should be easy 🙈
@ben_nuttall Nice! I took this with my phone last year! (it was looking through a telescope bigger than me tho’)
@knowncitizen Why ever regex? Can’t you just accept anything?
@_iamale_ Automating some github cleanup and I have a script to star orgs I contribute to. Didn’t mean to include myself 🙈
RT @drob: New blog post: "The Incredible Growth of Python"

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Software Consultant and Developer. Huge Python, Django and JavaScript enthusiast.

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