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RT @OxonMasons: The Star Spangled Banner; Rule Britannia, The Stars And Stripes Forever, Deutschlandlied, La Marseillaise, all Masonic comp…
RT @OxonMasons: Masonic composers of National Anthems 🎵🎶 #music #inspiration #hope #love #motivation #Oxfordshire #Freemasons => https://t.…
RT @OxonMasons: Choose a Charity to Win £25,000! Your vote decides who gets the most money. To find out more go to…
RT @OxonMasons: It's Follow a Charity Day today! #rt #ff @ChilternCentre @Occtopuscharity @SeeSawCharity @Masonic_Charity @LifelitesOrg Mor…
RT @OxonMasons: A controversial anniversary today, proving Masonic history is not always dull! 🤣 #Oxfordshire #Freemasons…
RT @OxonMasons: Pick a charity to win £25k - please retweet 😍 #occtopus #seesaw #ssnap #chilterncentre … #Oxfordshi…
RT @GovPenceIN: Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.
"My Other Plane Is - Air Force One" Mugs now at USA2020
Just seen these great mugs "Okay America NOW You Can Panic"! :-)
Trump vs Clinton: who would you vote for? Your opinion is wanted!
Help me raise cash to buy text books and supplies for schools in Aden. Please #donate on @justgiving and RT. Thanks!
I like this: new email client organizes multiple email accounts all in one place #myMail @mycom_official sponsored
Only today, 3 DAYS later, is AOL warning its users of the security breach and telling them to change their passwords #AOL #fail
Donald Trump buys classic Open Golf venue Turnberry for bargain price £35.7m ($60m) (Continues to build his empire)
If you want a different browser, I recommend Firefox (There are a ton of very clever add-ons too)
US & UK govt warning: Stop using Internet Explorer (Unprecedented on top of Microsoft abandoning XP to the hackers!)
AOL Mail accounts breached, users advised to change passwords. More: (Please retweet)
FYI, the "Internet of Things" is a vision of the internet populated by fridges, TVs and even individual light bulbs:
The Internet of Things: more risky than you think (Why did Google buy a home thermostat system?)
43.7m iPhones sold in last quarter alone, no surprise profits are soaring: Apple to return $130bn to shareholders

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