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@SamanthaSilvia5 @BieberBoners_ Verse still good to this day
Fat girls in spandex want to be defensive ends so bad
Looking for a final tag, hit the DM
If you ain't my nigga then your girl single to me
@GoCrazyHecToR This finna take off
Drink more water.
@WhereToCop 1PM EST
Half these hoes are chauffeurs
LOOL Instagram is really coming for Snapchat's spot
@WhereToCop I've seen worse. Let that man live
Someone teach Kanye how to use IG please
@Michaelarel55 your bf is so it's all good 🙏🏽
@C7 vintage shit
Roy Woods has me in my feels 😂 His music is too powerful man
So refreshing to have a deep convo for once.
@Sarahhhcapahaha Been playing billiards since birth fym
RT @Michaelarel55: Retweet this, It's going to go viral
If you don't know @MONTANAof300 's "Chiraq" word for word we ain't boys.
I want you all to myself, I'm selfish

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