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RT @cheesycons: Awesome slideshow of rare creatures scientists found during 10-year marine census. My fave is the hairy Yeti crab. http: ...
Lil mint yeti crab. Could a crab be cuter?
Cute little turtle.
Lots of new treats in our Etsy shop. Demons, scamps, yeti crabs and stuff from the Dollmighty fashion show.
@deelind your the best auntie-make sure they chew on them a little to justify all that extra cpsia testing
@RunzwithScissor thank you!-it was a bunch of fun(i hope to post the video soon) good to see you're still at it!
Two hours until the dress rehearsal. Dollmighty is tonight at 7:00!
Super Yeti sale this weekend! Buy 3 get one free or buy 2 and get free shipping. Hit the link for all the details.
3 days until Curtser's Dollmighty! Check out this article on it -
Curster's Dollmighty Fashion Show is this weekend!
Just 12 days until Curster's Dollmighty Fashion show. Get your tickets now!
Curster's Dollmighty Fashion Show. Just a few weeks away. Oh where does the time go? -
Orphaned Yetis Seek Good Homes. New Mini site!
@FOR3STBIRD Thanks for the Yeti love!
@Minnie thank you!
@vickangaroo thank you! you're looking fabulous as always.
posting several original paintings on etsy today-
@xiane_org thank you! i've been hoarding for 6 months.... it's good to see/tweet (sweet?) you here-
@spankystokes why thank you darling spanky!
@absolutelysmall muahaha!

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