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@JediTWang Yeah, we’re in Germany. No worries!
@JediTWang You mean the ones from Friday? We don’t typically work on weekends. Sorry about that!
@JediTWang Finally? Did we neglect a previous inquiry you had? I’d be happy to look into it if so.
@JediTWang Okay, sorry we couldn’t give you a better option at this time, James. Hope you find something that works well for you!
@JediTWang If you have any further questions, we’d be more than happy to discuss it with you. Just drop us a message:
@JediTWang If you’d like to read the Software License Agreement, it’s here:
@JediTWang That’s correct, we don’t guarantee lifetime updates – so it is possible we could charge for a major release in the future.
@JediTWang Sorry James, not really sure what you mean-?
@JediTWang If so, the answer is no. Although to date we’ve never charged for an upgrade since we started selling Things in July 2008.
@JediTWang Sorry, didn’t realize that was a question. Are you asking if it’s a lifetime license?
@_Everaldo Yeah, most of the newness will come in Things 3. Sorry that’s not ready yet!
@bradgessler Perhaps eventually, but not ready to show it just yet :)
@p_lindsay Hmm... nope, and no one else is reporting issues. Are you still having trouble?
@nickpellant Glad you like it, Nick – thanks for the mention!
@draftsapp @petersendidit Thanks for the tip!
@chrismaddern ha – we hope you like it, Chris!
@iamlechev Yes, although not quite a significant a redesign. More here:
@tonezone87 Hmm – not seeing the screenshot. Still having trouble?
@diligiant Yes :)

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