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@SGuergachi In many ways it’s been a significant rewrite, particularly on Mac where the model has been replaced. Fair bit of work :)
@otaviocc No problem!
@CNTraveler Thanks for the mention!
@andthenpatterns Thanks for your support!
@auser Not yet, but you can follow the latest here:
@Alexlotl Thanks for your patience!
@GoodGuyRy Thanks for your patience!
@stelfrich We don’t have any plans at the moment for non-native versions, sorry!
@cykelkedja You can see the latest on TH3 here: – we’ll blog again once we’re ready to share more substantial news.
@andthenpatterns Thanks for your patience!
@sammio2 We’re still working away at it – the latest is here: – thanks for your patience!
@jasonmp85 Yeah, don’t see that happening :)
@jeffhume I guess we’d have had a problem if we said nothing, too :)
@janniswiese Thanks – hopefully we can make it even better!
@otaviocc Yes, you can read about that here:
@geofffitch You’re welcome. We appreciate the feedback!
@mrderekrussell We can’t offer any details just yet, but thanks for your feedback on this!
@adrianseale You can follow the latest here: – thanks for your patience!
@jasonmp85 Kind of funny how that played out :)

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