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@bytino Wonderful! Glad to hear it!
@bytino You could try Quick Entry with Autofill. We don't test against Chrome specifically, but it may work:
@maxjensen @mzauk :) Likewise!
@gklka You're quite welcome. Take your time!
@mzauk @maxjensen Stay cool! It's been hot in southern Germany and the forecast for this weekend is looking particularly nasty, too.
@mzauk We're grateful for the kind words, Yussuf! Thanks for holding tight while we work on that :)
@jtokash That's super slick! Great idea.
@charlesismcom If you use Things for Mac, you can control it programmatically via AppleScript:
@charlesismcom We don't offer an API to Things Cloud, and it's not something we're planning.
@davidhartbit Thanks for the offer, David! We're not looking for testers at the moment.
@TwoThumbsWayUp It's changed to reflect that. Though it may not change as frequently as you'd like, it has changed and will change :)
@TwoThumbsWayUp It tells you the phase of development the apps are in right now. Those phases are over when the app's ready to move forward.
@AaronMT We're working on it, and you can see the current status here:
@TadHargrave Sorry for the trouble, Tad! Not a lot of room to troubleshoot here. Mind sending an email?
@flohei Oder ein Projekt in einer Area – aber das Projekt würde man ja im Idealfall nie abhaken, deswegen scheint eine Area besser geeignet.
@flohei Warum nicht? Idealerweise wird man immer etwas zu lesen haben, so dass man in der Area kontinuierl. die Wunschliste verwalten kann.
@ryanburnett Thanks, Ryan! Glad to hear that. :)
@EricMueller You too.

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