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@zee7 Thanks for your suggestion!
@mitchmalone Hi Mitch! You can read more on that here:
@markbao Sorry, Mark! We changed our priorities to put more work into Things 2, and we can’t offer an ETA or preview at this time.
@AaronKlein Hi Aaron! Please see this page:
@mattequinox No plans at the moment, sorry! We’re still focused on native Apple platforms for now.
@maxjensen Thanks for the kind words, Max!
@jakubklena We’re happy to have you, Jakub!
@sociocoop Thanks for the feedback!
@Taranttata Sorry, there’s no ETA at the moment. We’re just working away on the beta.
@curumins Sorry, we can’t share anything specific yet. Thanks for your continued patience, David!
@robertgeifman Ah, okay! Yes, it’s fun, but iCloud seemed problematic when we played with it :(
@DaneMire Well, there’s always room for some improvement :)
@DemoCatric If you haven’t already sent in your general feedback, we welcome it here: – thanks!
@DemoCatric This seems to have changed from a discussion of a specific feature request into something more general.
@DemoCatric Sorry, was referring specifically to the request to change the tint colour in the progress Complication.
@DemoCatric The other complications show if there’s nothing to do, but they’re only available on some watch faces.
@DemoCatric @Pierr0t To be honest, this is the only request we’ve had for it.
@Pierr0t @DemoCatric It just makes it more complicated. Sorry that it’s not meeting your needs!
@Pierr0t @EnzoAmata Most people have things to do every day, so they’re not wondering.

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