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@marcmccolgan Yes, Siri can do this on the Watch :)
@SimonLundLarsen Sorry for the inconvenience – someone will be in touch.
@arcoolov Glad to hear it! :)
@kyleashipley No, but cool idea :) Thanks for your +1!
@arcoolov You’re welcome!
@pwx_kevin Yep, Apple Watch and also our 2.5 updates. Thanks for hanging in there!
@alpi Appreciate the feedback! Can you be more specific about what you’d like to see changed?
@ptgn123 We certainly want one :)
@ymfy Things was also available on day one for both iPhone (July 2008) and iPad (April 2010) – so that’s nothing new.
@TomDavenport Have you tried restarting the phone? Feel free to write in if the problem keeps happening →
@SimonLundLarsen If this keeps happening, can you write in so we can get some more info? →
@devinosworld Thanks for jumping in to help :)
@longfy @maxjensen So did you find the button for this in Scheduled?
@LoriBrainard Thanks for your feedback, Lori – sorry that we kept you waiting! Hope you’ll check it out when it comes.
@marcmccolgan We hope you’ll like Things for Apple Watch, Marc – thanks for the mention!
@ymfy And thankfully, the work on Things Cloud means that your Watch can sync through your iPhone’s connection – which is super :)
@ymfy Sync is a much more complex problem than developing for the Apple Watch, so no surprise there :)
@arcoolov There’s no way to turn this feature off, sorry!
@arcoolov Not at the moment, but thanks for your suggestion. I’ll note it.

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