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@sklyarov Thanks for your feedback, Tim. Sorry for any frustration the delay has caused.
@jyogui82 We don’t have anything specific to announce about the feature set at the moment – sorry we can’t offer details yet!
@lougreenwood Yes, already read that one :)
@lougreenwood Even that would take considerable time. But it’s a neat idea :)
@Darvv1n We will release a compatibility update, yes:
@lougreenwood If only we had some spare time :)
@msurtees We may have more to say about this next month.
@jstoff We may have more to say about this next month.
@BasOppenheim Yes, for tasks we are using Things 3 alpha.
@jstoff @chasetastic We really appreciate your patience!
@ryangriffith Sorry for the delay, Ryan – we hope you’ll have a chance to try Things 3 when it comes!
@jstoff Thanks for the feedback – we do hope to do a compatibility release for iOS 8. Sorry for the long delay!
@Lawlitta No problem – glad to help!
@Lawlitta One purchase of Things for Mac can run on as many Macs as you personally use.
@Lawlitta There is no web client at the moment I’m afraid, you can read more here:
@Lawlitta @zorroprowess No, 2Do is made by someone else. We only make Things.
@philipp_mueller Da eignet sich unsere Support-Kontaktseite wunderbar :)
@HamptonH Perhaps you can fire us a message to explain in detail what you mean?
@chininho00 We’re working on Things 3 at the moment: – we’ll also release a Things 2 compatibility update for iOS 8.

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