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@OneRainyWish If that happens, cleaning up the Logbook can help. Maybe yearly if you don't need the contents? Or you could print to PDF.
@OneRainyWish From what we've seen, it takes a substantial number of items to create a perceivable difference in day-to-day performance.
@OneRainyWish Not sure what you mean, sorry! It's already possible if you enable the feature on your Mac – it'll sync to iOS.
@OneRainyWish There's no way to enable it just in iOS or from the iOS apps themselves, though.
@OneRainyWish When you enable that setting on the Mac, it'll automatically sync to iOS devices logged into the same Things Cloud account.
@OneRainyWish Thanks for your patience while we work on the new apps! If you think of any further feedback, do send it over. Enjoy your day.
@OneRainyWish It's certainly interesting! It could border on gimmicky, so we'd try to think about it thoroughly if we decided to do it :)
@MarkDMill Okay, thanks for the details. Yeah, we would've suggested iOS' shortcuts, but sounds like that won't work out. Sorry about that!
@OneRainyWish ...seeing the to-dos with a particular tag (for a specific store), you can filter Next by it (or search for that tag).
@OneRainyWish you'd actually stop what you were doing and shop if the app reminded you that you were close? If it's just about...
@OneRainyWish Regarding converting to-dos to projects, it's something we'll consider for iOS. As for the location-based alerts...
@pwx_kevin Not at the moment. The private beta is progressing on Mac, and iOS is still in alpha.
@ricburton Not a lot of room to troubleshoot here, so if you could, please send an email if that doesn't help:
@ricburton You could also sample the process from Activity Monitor. Even if you have recently, though, please reboot and try again.
@ricburton Is it crashing or freezing? If it's freezing, in order to get a crash, you'd need to let it run until it crashes (if it does).
@OneRainyWish As for features that take advantage of your location: what's the problem you'd be trying to solve with such a feature?
@OneRainyWish You can create projects from to-dos on the Mac by dragging and dropping to the Projects item in the lefthand sidebar.
@MarkDMill Any examples you're willing to share?
@Dan_Nice Thanks, Dennis!
@BillHiggins Not sure if anything's changed – it's an Evernote feature. Just copy the links into your to-do's notes:

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