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@RobWensing @markgurman We were there on day one for iPhone & iPad – couldn’t miss this ;)
@shinichiuji Yeah, I guess the checkmark looks like watch hands there :)
@Performat We hope you’ll like it! :)
@TheProdigalFool Indeed :)
@sitzlump Vielleicht können wir Sie diesmal ja überraschen ;)
@heythereteej Glad to hear it! Thanks for confirming, TJ.
@hjbme Sorry to hear you’re having trouble! Can you write so we can get more info about this issue? →
@ryften @allthingsnoisy :) Perhaps this will help? →
@firmdot Thanks for the suggestion :)
@Learning_Dude Thanks or the mention!
@acevandemeer You mean perform calculations? Or just see the total number of items in a given list?
@rahimsnow We have no room in our pool at the moment, sorry! Not sure yet if we’ll be able to expand it later.
@funkyblue04 Not at the moment, but thanks for your +1!
@pinwheelbuilds Thanks for the mention!
@sirakisalive Can you write in so we can get some more info about the issue? →
@jordanborth No room in the pool at the moment, but maybe later – we’ll see!

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