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@jpaine Glad to hear it! :)
@jpaine We hope you like it, Jeffrey! This may help:
@stevencevans Yes: support@
@stevencevans Are you referring to task dependency? That isn’t possible in Things.
@brynary No plans at the moment, sorry!
@brynary No, but it would be nice if they added the standard share sheet for linking :)
@joyquality You’ll thank yourself the next day :)
@francinederby It’s been submitted for review but unlikely to be approved before the holidays. So perhaps January. Thanks for your patience!
@stevencevans We hope you find it useful! Let us know if there are any questions.
@salutis We’re in the process of redesigning the apps, so it’ll change. Thanks for the feedback!
@simplescholar Thanks for your feedback on this!
@petersendidit Okay, sorry we can't provide that at the moment.
@abeyang We're not accepting any applicants at the moment.
@btanaka No problem!
@xnwkac The same corresponding key might work on your machine. We don’t want to put too many items in the menus.
@cloudmagic Nice one :)
@thurfjell Thanks for your feedback!
@marisa8184 You’re welcome :)
@soapsud We hope you’ll like it! :)

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