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@ChadwickWill Glad you're enjoying it, Chad! :)
@easteraries Hey Joel! No plans for that at the moment, but we wouldn't rule it out. More here:
@ChadwickWill If you have OF Pro, you can import your to-dos:
@bdonohoe Sorry to lose you, Brendan! Hope you'll get a chance to check it out when it comes.
@mikeerickson We'd have gotten to you eventually :)
@scottmartin Great! Let us know if you have any other issues or questions.
@ChadwickWill Great! Let us know if you have any other issues or questions :)
@scottmartin Hey Scott, can you try again?
@ChadwickWill Can you try again?
@mikeerickson Alright, found you and just replied. Thanks for your patience with that!
@JeffreyWasTaken No problem - thanks for letting us know you had trouble!
@JeffreyWasTaken No, sorry – this isn't currently possible. We'd like to improve this at some point.
@mikeerickson Hmm can you DM us your email address? Then I can do a search.
@mikeerickson Hey Mike, sorry about that, it's 7:45 pm here... But I've just had a look and can't see an email from you. When did you send?
@scottmartin Yes, we're looking into an issue. Sorry about that!
@JeffreyWasTaken But there's no "Person" in the main list, just their name inside of the to-dos that are assigned to them. Is quite limited.
@JeffreyWasTaken Contacts can only be added on the Mac, then they sync over.
@JeffreyWasTaken Yeah, we're looking into something. Try this URL instead:
@JeffreyWasTaken There's not really a feature for this. Could use a "Contact" called "Waiting", or just a tag.
@tbroderick52 @Praval Just 12 right now.

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