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@camfisk If so, can you send them in to us? → – we could have a look at what’s happening there.
@camfisk If you go to Settings → Privacy → Diagnostics & Usage → Diagnostic & Usage Data → check for Things. Are there any crashes there?
@camfisk This might be happening due to a background crash.
@camfisk @alkomy We appreciate the feedback, guys. Thanks!
@dijywonipoda Sorry, can you clarify what you’re referring to?
@dcxiii Hope it goes well – let us know if you have any questions! →
@dahanbn We haven’t necessarily ruled it out – we’ll see! Thanks for the feedback.
@neolwc Strange, I’m not finding anything with those prefixes. Did you get an auto-reply from us saying your email was received?
@gordon_at_mdl We hope you’ll find Things works well for your needs!
@sitzlump Bugfix ist auch dafür in Arbeit :)
@dahanbn No, setting those attributes is not currently possible via URI.
@punchdouble Does it show an error of any kind? What if you log out/in again?
@punchdouble If you check the settings on the iPhone, what does it say for the status of Things Cloud?
@neolwc Oh really? What’s your email prefix so I can hunt for it?
@neolwc Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Can you write to us so we can help you out? →
@alkomy We appreciate the feedback, Mohamed – thanks for reaching out!
@alkomy Right… the way the view is split, correct? We don’t currently plan to change the layout for split-screen, but might reconsider later
@alkomy It does work in landscape, but we don’t currently plan to redesign the layout. Might reconsider later!
@okidoci Great – no problem! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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