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@SerEsencialista Gracias por la menciĆ³n :) Glad you like Things!
@drr0586 Sorry for the trouble, Dan. Which platform? Any specific error message? Apple handles downloads, so there's not much we can do.
@SladdinCJ Thanks for the mention, Christopher! Minor correction: we're based in Stuttgart, in the south of Germany.
@maxjensen Thanks again for jumping in to help out, Johan :)
@johan_grahn You can create them on the Mac and new instances will appear in iOS, but no, you can't create them in iOS at the moment.
@meeple_ You can find out more about the Contacts feature here:
@xnwkac It's something we're thinking about, but can't offer details or a guarantee just yet. Thanks for telling us about your needs, Johan!
@missioeric We're sad to see you go! If we ever meet your needs in the future, we hope you'll consider giving Things another shot.
@LightningJeff Yep! Appreciate the heads up, and thanks for your patience. We'll try to tackle this again in 2.7.4:
@distefam Thanks for your +1, Michael :)
@maxjensen @mvanpoele Thanks, Max! That's right, Maximilian: to do this, drag a to-do to the Projects item in the sidebar. Hope that helps!
@cbillins @lsukernik Thanks for your patience!
@cbillins @lsukernik It's indeed a bug that shows Apple's sample data; we hoped to have fixed it in 2.7.3. Sorry! Keep an eye out for 2.7.4.
@SparkMailApp You're welcome! Best of luck with the launch :)
@andrewaburger Thanks! @SparkMailApp, we support Apple's action extensions as well as a URI scheme. Let us know if you need anything!
@danielpcox It's something we may consider for the future. Thanks for your +1.
@jasondowns We're really happy to hear that. Thanks for using Things!
@brendandnolan Happy to help if you have any questions, Brendan! Don't forget to check out our guide, too:
@MetroManTO Thanks for the kind words, Pedro!
@LindaHaviv Thanks again for mentioning Things, Linda! Happy to help if you ever need anything. Enjoy your weekend!

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