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RT @jsnell: Thanks to @culturedcode for sponsoring Six Colors this week. Last chance to get a copy of Things for iOS for free:…
@mum_in_a_hurry Sorry that you’re having trouble–what happens when you try to download? Do you see an error? Can you delete the trial first?
@hazimalradadi Thanks for sharing the news!
@dissimile Glad we could help – thanks for the mention!
@robertjcooper That still seems to work when I test it here. Keep happening if you restart the app?
@iDavidDeSmet We don’t have any room in our pool at the moment – sorry!
@JoeyFeith Thanks for sharing the news, Joey! We appreciate your feedback on price and pace of development, too.
@j_holtslander No, there are only three levels of nesting: To-dos inside Projects inside Areas. Thanks for your suggestion, though!
@vnoel No, there isn’t – but thanks for the suggestion!
@swagatosarkar It’s hard to give an exact day, as it will have to go through review with Apple. More on calendar:
@hkhalidz Our testing remains very limited for now, and there’s no room in our pool. Sorry that we can’t offer it to you yet!
@mffl41_3 Okay, great!
@mffl41_3 Perhaps we can help out over email. Thanks for your patience!
@macguru17 Nice :)
@aaR4 Glad you find it useful!
@mffl41_3 Great – thank you!
@mom2lo Glad you’ve found the app useful! Thanks for using Things :)
@Jannemans We hope you like the latest updates!
@tehh4ck3r Not at the moment, but we’re working on it and it’s currently in alpha:
@sophiajeanne Glad the explanation helped!

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