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@downtempo No plans at the moment, sorry! Thanks for letting us know you'd like this.
@nostodnayr Perhaps wait until you've actually tried it :)
@buffpojken Glad we could help! :)
@jordanborth Yeah, I was on latest beta when testing. So that explains it :)
@egorvinogradov Ah, right. Sorry that it wasn't very obvious.
@kyleniemeyer Sorry, no, Things only allows you to import from Reminders. Export was removed (some time ago):
@nostodnayr The workflow is definitely smoother.
@sflomenb There's no way to do that, but thanks for letting us know you'd like this.
@daniKelley Sorry that we can't help you on that platform, Dani!
@buffpojken No problem!
@marisa8184 No plans to expand the pool at the moment, but thanks for offering to help!
@jmontana Thanks for your feedback, Jon!
@SaleemFAV Glad to hear that, Saleem! We don't have an ETA at the moment, but we'll tweet as soon as we have more info for you.
@mhlousek There's no ETA at the moment, sorry Martin! As soon as we have news we'll tweet.
@sflomenb No, sorry!
@buffpojken Yes, hit Cmd-Shift-F to invoke the File option. Then use arrows to navigate your list of projects. We hope to improve this.
@davicorn Yeah, I suppose it's impossible to evaluate that until you try it. Sorry to keep you waiting, David!
@buffpojken Are you talking about Mac or iOS? On the Mac, if you're in a project, just hit the spacebar to create a new item.
@egorvinogradov No, but you can duplicate them (Cmd-D). Does that help?
@interplato No, Things doesn't have file attachments, but you can use Quick Entry Autofill to link to files:

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