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@Avid_pen Yes, can you drop us an email and we’ll recommend some steps to try:
@ChelseaisBeta No problem!
@Avid_pen Is it also pulling up Mail’s Activity window when this happens?
@whargrove Not that we’re aware of. If it keeps happening, perhaps try a reinstall?
@ddemaree We have considered it, but decided to keep the items on a single line–sorry you’ve been frustrated by it! Appreciate the feedback.
@emilyburnsart There’s a button at the top of the Logbook to pull completed items into it. Sorry it’s not more obvious! :)
@ELLIOTTCABLE @ChelseaisBeta @mclaughj Thanks for your feedback! We’ll release an update to disable this.
@emvii No, that’s not possible. You can read more about that here:
@robertjcooper Sorry about that – we’ll have a look and see if we can replicate it.
@4BringingFire Glad you’re liking the new updates – thanks for your feedback!
@kdern There’s no way to change the sidebar font-size. It perhaps looks smaller due to the new font we added to match the OS.
@4BringingFire Sorry about that :)
@kdern Hmm, no idea actually. Just tried it here and the spacing seems to be consistent.
@miklesz Great, thanks!
@blake_woody Yes :) You can follow progress on that here:
@Aleklu Great – thanks!
@blake_woody Cool – no problem!
@zholmquist Indeed :) Well thank you for understanding!
@cgarmstrong Okay, we’re looking into some crash reports. Sorry about this!

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