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@dahanbn Danke für das wunderbare Feedback, Daniel! Wir freuen uns, dass Sie sich für Things entschieden haben!
@JohnDunnington Hi John, go to Scheduled -> Tap circular arrow with + and then create your repeating to-do.
@kdern You can choose the project via Quick Entry on Mac, but there’s no way to set default.
@AnnoyedGiant haha nice :)
@dahanbn Alles klar, Daniel :)
@dahanbn Hi Daniel, danke für's checken. Das liegt daran, weil es sich um eine Vorlage handelt, nicht um die eigentliche Aufgabe.
@DavidADedman No problem!
@Soupi haha no problem :)
@KeesRomkes We aren’t expanding the pool at the moment, but we might later. In which case, we’ll probably blog about it.
@exchgr Thanks for the feedback, Dan!
@Soupi What specifically are you referring to with “Send to”? It may already be possible with Things:
@DimitryJacobs No, that functionality has been removed and won’t come back. Instead you could use Smile’s keyboard.
@chipemely If you open the tags window on Mac, you should be able to set a hotkey to the right side of each tag.
@DavidADedman If it hasn’t been logged yet, you can just uncheck it. If it has been logged, you can move it back to Next or Today.
@Soupi Glad it’s been working so well for you!
@4BringingFire Thanks for the feedback!
@dahanbn Bleibt die Email im Mail App "stecken" oder sehen Sie die Option "Share" gar nicht?
@SunriverDarlene Thanks! :)
@andrewjmason ha :) Glad to have you back! It’s nice to know people are enjoying the refreshed design.

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