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LIVE now on C-SPAN: WH briefing with @PressSec Josh Earnest http://t.co/f6xFdU8lCa
.@cspanwj Fall College Tour - will interview university officials from around the country - Join the Conversation http://t.co/tLiylSbHIW
Missed Pres Obama news conference on #Ukraine #Syria #immigration #economy? Here's the video: http://t.co/qrOrvDREpD http://t.co/30JoLbU7eJ
Now LIVE on C-SPAN: Pres. Obama remarks from WH on #economy & #Iraq (followed by @PressSec )
Pres. Obama's WH statement -- scheduled for 4pmET today -- will be LIVE on C-SPAN
.@UN Security Council meeting on #Ukraine – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/u2vzsCwLkH http://t.co/74D4w3pdVp
Discussion on #ISIS & Radicalization – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/qnV5u7LDA0 http://t.co/8Ic6dKnjiv
SATURDAY: @librarycongress National Book Festival #NatBookFest – LIVE at 10am ET on C-SPAN2 (@BookTV) & @cspanRadio http://t.co/fGtKSU7DWd
#OnThisDay 2008: @BarackObama DNC Acceptance Speech in Denver, CO http://t.co/d8kfR5D2lB #tbt http://t.co/6gGrrb89pc
Discussion on #NSA Surveillance Programs, @apsatweets hosts #APSA2014 – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/DnzcrNXVxI http://t.co/3OMe4U7Wr3
.@UN Security Council meeting on #Syria – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/uxiFeRIBUe http://t.co/F5Yfooy5PK
VIDEO: Discussion on Digital Campaigning with @slaby & @ZacMoffatt http://t.co/U3JoPGzHkG #gwcampaigntech http://t.co/d7lqvZhZ1W
Discussion on Future of Digital Campaigning – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/XdjguhtOXL #gwcampaigntech http://t.co/d7lqvZhZ1W
Discussion on Future of Digital Campaigning – LIVE at 4pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/XdjguhtOXL #gwcampaigntech http://t.co/CsLVzQl1dC
"C-SPAN Gearing Up for Midterm Elections" http://t.co/Uew0Q2RLKW via @tvnewser http://t.co/xS7XIKq3kP
.@NYTimes reporter @mrosenbergNYT, who was expelled from #Afghanistan – LIVE C-SPAN http://t.co/KO8wUrBPSu http://t.co/0w3hmkrFdI
White House Briefing with @PressSec @JEarnest44 – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/M9R4vSjwq4 http://t.co/hxKmpkUPws
Congressional Budget Office (@uscbo) Director Doug Elmendorf Briefing – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/CmXU2mF8lf http://t.co/nYfzXeIXUg
Federal #Immigration Judges discuss Immigration Court System @PressClubDC – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/h4AVTBFoOn http://t.co/JukI4IQMxy
Election results in AZ , FL, VT & OK via @AP online here: http://t.co/xU9lyaFg1s #az07 #az07 #FL18 #FL26 #VT18 #OK05 http://t.co/2hHn5UD54B

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