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#SecDef Hagel and Chairman of @thejointstaff Gen. @Martin_Dempsey - LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/z7LPl677Zt http://t.co/0n5MAvvQTh
Former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino had 45 @cspan appearances http://t.co/2Swe1dtdyQ RIP. http://t.co/IiTgybc13D
"It is disgraceful, unacceptable, damaging." - Sec. @JohnKerry on chickens**t comment. CLIP: http://t.co/QyXwU2ckm6 http://t.co/ENjQEkSBUL
How many Campaign 2014 debates have been seen on C-SPAN so far? 125 Find them all here: http://t.co/83KdKDzTlh http://t.co/HkhhZgWfoU
Secretary @JohnKerry at Washington #IdeasForum Day 2 – LIVE on C-SPAN2 http://t.co/xBFR4IrLkE http://t.co/jvMjUM5u7d
Washington #IdeasForum Day 2, @AspenInstitute hosts – LIVE on C-SPAN2 http://t.co/7Yno2eTJf0 http://t.co/xCM2DB5sI0
Discussion on Health Care Law, @catoinstitute hosts – LIVE on C-SPAN3 http://t.co/7vEOl9K4JG http://t.co/3w1WCwx7c6
Texas Senate Debate: @TeamCornyn & @DrDavidAlameel – 10pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/LSrbwTtWMg http://t.co/HL6Ff5TZ3C
#LASen Debate: @marylandrieu @billcassidy & @RobManess – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/3EXYhls3ZP http://t.co/VbdekKfmZ6
CLIP: AG Holder on subpoena of James Rosen "...ways that could have been done differently. Done better." http://t.co/X3DFIyDsif
.@WashTimes: C-SPAN book #SundaysAt8 “a rich stew in bite-sized servings…will be a welcome addition to your shelves.” http://t.co/FG8tWUH58d
Texas Senate Debate: @TeamCornyn & @DrDavidAlameel – 10pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/kz4u3tWkeS http://t.co/HL6Ff5TZ3C
#LASen Debate: @marylandrieu @billcassidy & @RobManess –LIVE at 8pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/3EXYhls3ZP http://t.co/VbdekKfmZ6
President Obama on Ebola Response – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/k0zrrpnNvc http://t.co/GXAY32b0E6
President Obama on Ebola Response – LIVE shortly on C-SPAN http://t.co/k0zrrpnNvc
Ben Bradlee funeral re-airs at 8:00 p.m. ET on C-SPAN2 or watch anytime online here: http://t.co/RdY1NzvDzi http://t.co/QLzk0MPdbx
White House Press Briefing with @PressSec Josh Earnest – LIVE online here: http://t.co/CsStS49ssh http://t.co/7ILD8WusGG
Discussion on Economy & Jobs, @Heritage hosts – LIVE on C-SPAN3 http://t.co/PVfy99h3Lp http://t.co/XMwnT611gn
RT @cspanMusic: This popular setting of The Battle Hymn of the Republic is by Peter Wilhousky (1902-78) http://t.co/zYAQ5wLKZy #BenBradlee
RT @cspanMusic: The Navy Hymn (Eternal Father, Strong to Save) was written in 1860 and inspired by Psalm 107. http://t.co/cmKDipbxET #BenB…

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