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2016 Presidential Race #MunkDebate – LIVE at 7pm ET on C-SPAN2 https://t.co/ErNHI7BpNi https://t.co/qFjUwhCvEL
TUESDAY: 2016 Vice Presidential #Debate https://t.co/nDHtyg0mOX https://t.co/SsKhCmyFpF
.@HillaryClinton campaigns in Fort Pierce, FL – LIVE online here: https://t.co/H7cSD3EY42 https://t.co/kIUMSmQ0sj
WATCH: @POTUS complete remarks at #ShimonPeres #ShimonPeresFuneral https://t.co/WdRkWMxoUC
WATCH: @billclinton full remarks at #ShimonPeres #ShimonPeresFuneral https://t.co/SJcfZ4mOID
#ShimonPeres funeral service – NOW on C-SPAN https://t.co/TTQXdgDx90
.@BPC_Bipartisan discussion on Cancer Prevention – LIVE on C-SPAN3 https://t.co/1qHGlpOssL https://t.co/uCVXC5yHQC
Discussion on Presidential Transitions – LIVE on C-SPAN https://t.co/UFqA9sEc69 https://t.co/xPyhhUKlBH
RT @cspanhistory: We're celebrating that it's almost the wknd & 48 hrs of American History TV starts tmrw on C-SPAN3! Schedule here https:/…
.@RepSpeier speaks at discussion on anti-revenge porn legislation – LIVE on C-SPAN2 https://t.co/jyDGgS9lNe https://t.co/zJ3pb42Czq
WATCH: @HillaryClinton in Des Moines, IA – LIVE online here: https://t.co/xoyQvIcqqr https://t.co/Mqwl5Zl0cu
#HobokenCrash news conference with @NYGovCuomo & @GovChristie – LIVE online here: https://t.co/xWvN7EQllh https://t.co/noFM1WWN8X
White House Press Briefing – LIVE online here: https://t.co/4lCt5BGW8Y https://t.co/3yFZ78r9Q9
.@NTSB briefing on #hobokencrash – LIVE online here: https://t.co/gPAhVEsWAA https://t.co/KsxeR9sSqA
President Obama honors Olympians #TeamUSA – LIVE shortly online here: https://t.co/cGqzVmQely #TeamUSAinDC https://t.co/pEBzbVujSE
WATCH: @GregoryMeeks questions #WellsFargo CEO John #Stumpf. Full video here: https://t.co/ERg4rk5HDI https://t.co/TyyijjJZ62
.@SenateMajLdr news conference – LIVE online here: https://t.co/94UW9nwNjx https://t.co/5YR1Wa8MMw
.@NancyPelosi weekly news conference – LIVE online here: https://t.co/PD9wdnW74o https://t.co/bg6mH0NdpH
#FCC Open Meeting – LIVE online here: https://t.co/2lw8wiQGK4 https://t.co/3GnnmuxRdH
.@SenatorReid and @SenSchumer on Senate Productivity – LIVE online here: https://t.co/3k3AxEI8CR https://t.co/urubt1Ifox

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