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.@sendavidperdue maiden @SenateFloor speech - LIVE on C-SPAN2 http://t.co/GQKfJb4Qb7 http://t.co/ZlwOEztsqj
This C-SPAN #WHCD clip has 12.9 million views on Facebook: https://t.co/K2Rgz77owl AND 3.2 million views on YouTube: https://t.co/IsfiImeZeN
TUESDAY: #SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Oral Argument LISTEN: http://t.co/K0y0Ikxpkb (~1pmET), @cspanradio & C-SPAN3 (4pm) http://t.co/151exA8t7o
CLIP here: http://t.co/jP6rQIMIpH https://t.co/2a1x12H1Pw
21 years ago today: President Nixon Funeral http://t.co/70kcfTbXtS http://t.co/UFDG8DdiDw
White House Press Briefing with @PressSec Josh Earnest - LIVE online here: http://t.co/nOcCrXVlUT
CLIP: Sen. @ChuckGrassley (R-IA) on cameras in the Supreme Court http://t.co/jP6rQIMIpH #SCOTUS http://t.co/CPEJfeCbSw
WATCH: @VP Biden swears in Attorney General #LorettaLynch https://t.co/tgyNlbP5YH
Discussion on Women in Combat, @WIIS_Global hosts – LIVE on C-SPAN3 http://t.co/niYTBz0bdi
RT @cspanwj: #SCOTUS hears same-sex marriage oral arguments tmrw & @BrianSBrown, @evanwolfson & @DavidGSavage join us to discuss the case &…
.@VP Biden swears in Attorney General #LorettaLynch – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/bCnjXYkzhz http://t.co/vvzCu9MksS
Attorney General #LorettaLynch Swearing-In Ceremony – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/bCnjXYkzhz http://t.co/P0DoOyW70s
Attorney General #LorettaLynch Swearing-In Ceremony – LIVE shortly on C-SPAN http://t.co/bCnjXYkzhz http://t.co/VeTClHIsyj
Sen. @ChuckGrassley (R-IA) on Senate Judiciary Cmte Agenda at @PressClubDC – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/FYtqyXXEOk http://t.co/AU81nF3SzR
Attorney General #LorettaLynch Swearing-In Ceremony – LIVE at 11am ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/bCnjXYkzhz http://t.co/d0wSLYwdTU
.@danielellsberg on Government Whistleblowers - LIVE on @cspanwj http://t.co/sn2ywMz09u http://t.co/60ybzv9Z5w
Q&A Judith Miller @JMfreespeech, fmr @nytimes reporter & author "The Story: A Reporter's Journey" – 11pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/NQn4hxt9h1
Complete #WHCD #WHCD2015 videos: President Obama https://t.co/eGGkA3eHg9 Cecily Strong https://t.co/MCtzYSO4IK http://t.co/BV4TiPQG3B
Newsmakers: @SenSherrodBrown, questions from @cbabington @siobhanehughes – NOW on C-SPAN http://t.co/IQjeIRN1AW http://t.co/d6bh0AE9Jx
ICYMI - President Obama complete remarks at #WHCD #WHCD2015 https://t.co/eGGkA3eHg9 #NerdProm

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