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Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) Retirement Interview – 8pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/Y0viM8tSiN
Discussion on Reporting from the White House– 6pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/XzJKAFCR2o
Discussion on Fighting Global Poverty in the Private Sector, @aei hosted – 4:25pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/0mobpTvCoo
Former Presidents @BillClinton and George W. Bush at Presidential Leadership Scholars Program – 2:25pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/TH1CqeIH69
Diplomacy Center Groundbreaking w/Former Secretaries Of State – 1:30pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/8L8bBKGdh4
Discussion on #immigration, border security, health care and social issues – 12:15pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/HrCGi1A7r6
A collection of short videos showcasing Native Americans via @cspanhistory & @cspancities – 10am ET on C-SPNA http://t.co/Ji4a1Wz9RS
VIDEO: President Obama pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey http://t.co/Hj1pySJAAV #WHTurkeyPardon http://t.co/ALdqwq4Or9
President Obama pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey - LIVE shortly on C-SPAN http://t.co/Cj79Qav1av #WHTurkeyPardon http://t.co/A7hy2lqwxS
President Obama pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey - LIVE shortly on C-SPAN http://t.co/Cj79Qav1av #WHTurkeyPardon http://t.co/1RZjH1mWiG
MONDAY: University of Virginia (@UVA) President Teresa Sullivan @PressClubDC #NPCLunch – LIVE at 1pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/ie334nFZoQ
History of the White House Thanksgiving Turkey Pardons http://t.co/LCamR3PtcR (via @cspanhistory) #WHTurkeyPardon http://t.co/1jZu9faurs
Pres. Obama pardons Thanksgiving Turkey, 2:15pm ET. Watch C-SPAN for full gobble-to-gobble coverage. #WHTurkeyPardon http://t.co/DEVjyy8mEC
CLIP: @SenSchumer on Health Care http://t.co/17ttNTIu4K Complete speech here: http://t.co/vVMPdQA3wc #aca http://t.co/6m8ab1eTXM
MONDAY, DECEMBER 1: Louisiana Senate Debate between @MaryLandrieu & @BillCassidy – LIVE at 8pm ET on C-SPAN #LASen http://t.co/Eq9TrdoAkK
Missouri @GovJayNixon #Ferguson Press Conference – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/9tmPFF1uEB http://t.co/VtmXUdnOzH
TOMORROW: President Obama Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey – LIVE at 2pm ET on C-SPAN http://t.co/PT2jRxRB2G http://t.co/VN2cTMPu9l
Discussion on U.S. – China Relations, @thewilsoncenter hosts – LIVE on C-SPAN2 http://t.co/1YMFUVWPHS
Discussion on #Iran Nuclear Negotiations, @BrookingsInst hosts – LIVE on C-SPAN2 http://t.co/VWaBWaOUcA http://t.co/34chKtCJy0
.@SenSchumer (D-NY) on Midterm Elections @PressClubDC – LIVE on C-SPAN http://t.co/vVMPdQA3wc http://t.co/7Z2Zak4K6D

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