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.@browardpolitics on C-SPAN Q&A: "Lincoln & Kennedy assassinations get all the attention, but don't tell whole story https://t.co/PzAKwvAllq
.@cory_shaffer previews next @cspan @ConstitutionCtr #LandmarkCases -- Mapp v. Ohio -- "involved Cleveland police" https://t.co/8kfKuVXqGY
LIVE now on C-SPAN: Pres. Obama National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning https://t.co/ACljbimeku https://t.co/OSjERVH57k
RT @mosier_histgeek: History of the White House Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Video via @cspan https://t.co/hgJgRtaqL7 A Quirky Amer Tradition…
WATCH on C-SPAN: Pres. Obama remarks on homeland security after briefing on Paris terrorist attacks https://t.co/Q6XpEkd2TR
C-SPAN tonight: @techcrunch #TCDisrupt w/ @SnoopDogg on his new cannabis pop culture media platform ... & @IBMWatson https://t.co/CFXyEfQPD5
LIVE now on C-SPAN2: From Afghanistan, Defense Dept briefing on Kunduz hospital bombing https://t.co/Ebu2zpoNH7 https://t.co/C1d5rE2iqO
RT @cspanhistory: We'll be LIVE from @colonialwmsburg on Saturday, Dec. 5 starting at 11am ET to learn about the colonial era (CLIP) https:…
Pres Obama pardons Thanksgiving Turkey 2:45pmET. Watch C-SPAN for complete gobble-to-gobble coverage #WHTurkeyPardon https://t.co/KCZs8qXFW3
Seen on C-SPAN: The long and short of it --- Pres. Obama awards @SenatorBarb Mikulski Presidential Medal of Fredom https://t.co/rhSrTa8dSA
Now LIVE on C-SPAN: Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony https://t.co/VhZ99IHRDP https://t.co/ODjSmICMjD
RT @BookTV: @KarlRove preps for interview on BookTV on his book, "The Triumph of William McKinley" with @Richardbrookhiser https://t.co/DG8…
#ISIS -- Defense Dept briefing now LIVE https://t.co/K0y0Ikxpkb https://t.co/3bNzn3QKAj ..... & State Dept.shortly: https://t.co/4rzcxKlz9w
Now LIVE on C-SPAN2: @ChrisChristie on U.S. foreign policy and #ISIS via @CFR_org #CFRLive https://t.co/Zq4pT1RDUn https://t.co/QMRpsypfwq
Watch on C-SPAN: Pres Obama joint news conference with French Pres Hollande...fighting #ISIS https://t.co/0nADCLa0hV https://t.co/qhu0RAeP2m
RT @SteveScully: @GovChristie @ChrisChristie is LIVE @CSPAN from @CFR_org today - ISIS, Terrorism and US Foreign Policy. Tune in this aft
LIVE now https://t.co/MlO245CgyJ: Defense Department Briefing on Military Operations Against ISIS https://t.co/5wGRJplAfY
WATCH: #LandmarkCases Brown v. Board of Education (1954) – LIVE on C-SPAN https://t.co/wsYCvevFIr https://t.co/K23JioX2B9
#LandmarkCases: Brown Davis Pictures https://t.co/fHPy5aFERB Watch program LIVE at 9pm ET on C-SPAN https://t.co/wsYCvevFIr
WATCH: @Sifill_LDF on Brown v. Board Challenges Facing the Plaintiff's https://t.co/5F2lwLmKyJ #LandmarkCases

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