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Philz Castro is so happening
The same perfectly nutritious breakfast can fill a whole plate OR be blended one 16 oz smoothie. This still strikes me as crazy sometimes.
@evan @iano ❤️❤️❤️
@SaraJChipps I think this was made for you:
@MaggieM is making me shower.
@iano like in a duet or one after the other
Came to dad's house with his favorite tea and biscuits straight from the source, and he already had a hot cup of tea waiting for me ❤️
@isaach @goldman don't know how I missed that gem but thanks for sharing 😂
SF from the plane was like a big sunset macaroon with a delicious thick layer of marshmallow fog in the middle
@SaraJChipps Wool series so good
Just one more hop, then back to business in California. I must say, summer of 2016 has been pretty great.
Farewell London, short sweet and fabulous! Now that I know how close it is from DC, watch out ;)
RT @JimMWeber: "THIS IS FINE."
Thank you, universe
@SaraJChipps if I can find tix let's go for Jason's bday in September!
@SaraJChipps !!! 😱❤️❤️❤️
@dustin or are we dancers?🎵
@SaraJChipps you could go to London to see the double installment Harry Potter play-- a weekend trip from your hood!
Forgot my Fitbit again AND IT'S SCREWING UP MY STATS

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