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@SaraJChipps that is a great true love song. Also, that is @krissy and my BFF song from days of yore. ❤️ it's a great one!
@jonk NO ONE EVER those look like Vegas slot machine lines 😲
@SaraJChipps Jason says that How Soon Is Now would be his walk out song if he was a UFC fighter.
That was so fast. Incredible. 34 seconds. GO GIRL!
RT @Siggyv: it's time #UFC190
@spangley no no, they would not be practical for that. Or much else!!
@goldman playing tai chi panda
@spangley what about rompers ;P
She agreed to braid my hair instead of arm barring me; her two role models are Taylor Swift and Ronda Rousey. I say, RIGHT ON LIL SISTER.
My BFF's 11 yr old daughter is a young champion fighter. She's the one who got me into this by trying to arm bar me when I was in Visalia.
but the ronda rousey tai chi panda commercial is a good respite.
watching the #ufc190 prelim fights and THEY MAKE ME SO UNCOMFORTABLE AND SQUIRMY WITH ANXIETY but I still watch them >_<
RT @ufc: Rousey. Correia. #UFC190. Saturday at 10/7pm ETPT live on Pay-Per-View RT If you'll be watching
Having a CWW with the CDR in DC. Back up plan if we can't get PPV to work for the Rousey fight tonight!
Read this fab book & try @shyp 's last wkend of free SF goodwill pick ups: 2 kitchen trash bags per pick up, free!
Um, bothersome.
Got an artsy Dad
If Odin presents himself, you must act. (last bottle in Valhalla collection at the amazing hidden gem of a wine shop in the outer sunset!!)
"These doggone phones make life so easy." -Dad

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