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@goldman no. he'd die of fart induced asphyxiation.
Playing "take them, or put them in storage?" with my heels and my nephew
Happy birthday @mchavie ! :)
Things I apparently hoard: cans of tuna, umbrellas, and small rubber bands
@sm @goldman but his chest got all super muscled so part still fits! ;)
@bgleib @rayreadyray it was to remind a person to hurry up and tweet cos you wanted to know what they were doing :)
@bgleib @rayreadyray I totally nudged username. I won't lie.
Can still sing @hotdogsladies Odeo jingle from back in the day. This is what start ups really need- a jingle from Merlin Mann!
Not to mention this ol gem-- cc @rayreadyray :)
Packing to move and found my Twitter shirt archive ;)
Happy birthday @alissa :)
@victor :)
Green parrots squawking, bluejays dive bombing, stoic clusters of ravens or crows, hummingbirds galore, all manner of feathered friends here
Because of my successful attempt at breaking my habit of buying hand soap every time I grocery shop, today I ran out of hand soap.
I'm the ball buster of the family.
I just love that a poop emoji even exists
Oh, him!
Hip hop classics with @SheckyGreen on @Shade45 ^.^
So nice to be hoooooome :)

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