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Flat whites #nofilter
Headed for colder pastures
Super cute home made stockings arrived. Want some?!
RT @goldman: Fu waits for his stocking to be stuffed.
Just walked past a guy in the gym who was singing earnestly aloud with the song on loudspeaker. Kinda loved him a lil bit.
RT @kayaoakes: Local news coverage of the weather front headed our way. (h/t @shurwitt)
RT @lukester: This wind blows.
RT @pitchfork: Watch the latest episode of "South Park", which featured holograms of Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Elvis http://…
RT @nicky: just realized the connection between saint etienne's we're in the city and sylvester's i need somebody to love tonight and it ma…
@nicky isn't it though!!!
@MaggieM @nicky @del @aud @sperry pre-Easter that night was. The beginning of the end ...
RT @everydaydude: 🎶It's raining men, hallelujah🎶
Seeing @GlassAnimals with @MaggieM at @dnalounge ... Ah, the memories at this ol venue ❤️
Hey, you, get off my cloud
My cat has been in cat hospital since Thursday, he's doing well. But I miss him and I want him back!
A very thorough and excellent guide to taking good care of your boots, by @LoefflerRandall:
Fitness laundry day = major laundry day
@iano @goldman oooooooh that you only meant well...
@iano Clams Casino - I'm God - YouTube

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