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Congratulations America!
Kalispera, Greece! It's been real!
Ancient city of Mycenae today. Awesome.
Too bad I forgot my Fitbit cos... One thing Santorini has a lot of is STEPS
@krissy that leg-splay is looking pretty fantastic too! the hair of my chinney chin chin?
But where is @MaggieM
Last night in SF! Feels good to spend it eating tacos with @krissy after so long. And on such a momentous day! Fewer than 24 and blast off!
Just got around to watch game of thrones and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm stunned.
4 year old nephew is telling me, at great and serious length, all about diamonds in Minecraft. Jace flashback. IT BEGINS!
Energetic morning practice, day 6 of Athena's early morning yoga intensive, then meeting @Alissa for breakfast after- what could be better!
I need something to give me wings
Happy birthday @pm <3
Dad is getting back into painting. Thinking of taking this workshop at Case for Making with him. Looks pretty cool!
@iano sent to drai-a-i-aaaa-ain.
@MaggieM NICKY
Loved the way this lens article is written:
Rising and shining
Midnight is always a good time for TS Eliot
Week already off with a bang 😑

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