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@charlief well...
I wonder if Foursquare has an archive of your checkins, like Twitter has tweet archive. Cos... I want mine!
No sad pandas tonight!
"Holes aren't good for your body." Nephew
@charlief unrelated: do you play @breadkittens ?!
RT @warrenellis: Buying Taiga by @ZOLAJESUS - MP3 Release - from Boomkat:
@origiful I have an origiful original! I treasure it :) I keep it in my yoga room :)
Jerry Seinfeld or Hall and Oates!
Birthday present backlog. Cute nephew.
September. It's a doozy.
@goldman no. he'd die of fart induced asphyxiation.
Playing "take them, or put them in storage?" with my heels and my nephew
Happy birthday @mchavie ! :)
Things I apparently hoard: cans of tuna, umbrellas, and small rubber bands
@sm @goldman but his chest got all super muscled so part still fits! ;)
@bgleib @rayreadyray it was to remind a person to hurry up and tweet cos you wanted to know what they were doing :)
@bgleib @rayreadyray I totally nudged username. I won't lie.
Can still sing @hotdogsladies Odeo jingle from back in the day. This is what start ups really need- a jingle from Merlin Mann!
Not to mention this ol gem-- cc @rayreadyray :)

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