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@nelson HA! No way!
Falling asleep with wet hair = Morning hair masterpiece
Mayweather is super solid, and his fight was on point. But Pacquiao is the winner in my heart! ❤️❤️❤️ #pacwins
@jeedjaad he is still my winner! ❤️
Uh oh dont make your dad mad
Block it like it's hot!! #pacwins
RT @jimmykimmel: My fight outfit #PacquiaoMayweather
@justjlo ME TOO! 😳
You got this, PACQUIAO! #pacwins
Came to New York to take a long shower
@SaraJChipps that cute little face!
RT @ObsoleteWorld: happy earth day
@al3x not sure if it's your style but I really like the dreamy quality. I have a couple of her works and I find them... capturing :)
@al3x I know u like art! An artist I like, Jeannie Lynn Paske (@ ObsoleteWorld) has new work at a Portland gallery:
Sometimes the universe plays you exactly the song you need to hear
RT @iamjohnoliver: Bonus segment from Edward Snowden on the importance of you having a much better password -
RT @iamjohnoliver: Here's our piece on Government Surveillance from last night. Featuring a special surprise guest...
Why don't the cat emojis change color. All the cats are not yellow.
Fu is my Drogon 🐲
Fu, me, and #GoT

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