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@jonk even though that looks the opposite of healthy... IT'S MAKING ME HUNGRY
RT @perfectpiscine: Good morning #darwin Croc spotting starts now
Where you been darling darling Where you been darling darling we've been holding this moment for you #yacht
Oooooooh @_warpaint on @siriusxmu sessions !!!
Just found out about InstaShutter which makes me feel EXCITED ABOUT PARTIES.
Listening to Sirius XM's love station is a trip down sentimental-memories lane. Ah, the grocery stores I've frequented to these ol jams!
Endless Love:a triumphant, soaring expression of cup-runneth-over-bliss. Singing aloud, u realize how explosive an expression of love it is!
Done with another great Jasper Fforde book: The Woman Who Died A Lot: A Thursday Next Novel
Strange urge to dye Easter eggs.
Wow, beautiful earth.
'Twas hard hard hard to leave Bhutan. But it's great to be back in India!
The Warka- Awesome! I hope it works!
I I I want the kniiiife
finished Bhutanese Tales of the Yeti by Kunzang Choden
Then time for sleeping. This glorious day! Thank you universe!
Visited 3 monasteries up from Tigers Nest, last at the top of the mountain. Then respite! Then down, down down...
Every step seems worth it once you reach the top.
A beautiful sight when you reach Tiger's Nest!
Can hitch a ride, but most just walk. Spin the prayer wheels on the way!
Start down here to go up there... Getting closer...

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