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@DennisHouseTV @GMThompsonSons @WFSBnews Me too but I miss so many that have closed like Sage Allen, Clap and Treat, even Foxes!
RT @fuzzymitten: Not sure what they're planning, but the rhino looks fun, and the badger seems nervous about her plans :D…
@DennisHouseTV @WFSBnews @DeniseDAscenzo @RogerSusanin @StephanieSimoni What a proud Daddy posing with zuncle Denni…
@RomaLandWood Darling
@Madilove777 seriously and then some
@YahooNews Thank God in Heaven!
@tunibell @annetdonahue What!?
RT @jimmykimmel: There is more we can do, and we need to do it. Love to my hometown. #VegasStrong
@ChrisMurphyCT So proud to have Chris as my rep.
RT @ChrisMurphyCT: It's worth asking why we spend $600 billion a year on the military if we can't get more than 5000 troops and 50 helicopt…
RT @allyburdick: Not to be dramatic, but Chip and Joanna ending Fixer Upper is literally the worst news I've heard in a long time
RT @BetteMidler: A truth that #Trump will not acknowledge, is that #take a knee is not about disrespect for the flag. It's about protesting…
When you feel weak, it is easy to lose faith in your abilities. In these times you must turn to the infinite power within yourself.
Pumpkin Mum Cornstalk Fall is at #18
RT @HillaryClinton: Nothing is more important than saving the Affordable Care Act from another cruel effort to take health care away from m…

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