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I'm sooo not looking forward to getting up for work tomorrowwww - cant wait for this thing to work!
WORK SUCKED TODAAAY :(( I wish i could be like this lady, shes a rolemodel!!
Where are all the good interns?
For Black Websites, Blackness Is Important ... but Not the Only Thing
Kudos to Bud Selig and the MLB on honoring Jackie Robinson today...No.42 #mlb #baseball
Creative 8 is offering a screen printed shirts for less than $6 a shirt email me for details...
Tiger and Phil are in the hunt at the Masters....
Happy Easter to all!
"never [start a company] because it’s a logical path. Get into something because you’re fanatically interested in it." Thanks @pkedrosky
@trulydivyn whats the latest??
We're HIRING! If you're an expert web developer, please send us your LinkedIn profile and your @twitter name to be considered. Please RT.
Basic website with all the functionality for $600....see c8!!
@brwnskn26tx you ridin?
@brwnskn26tx "clap, clap, clap" keep on keeping on makes you betta!
@brwnskn26tx yeah, i saw it but just hope you ok!
@brwnskn26tx we aint ruff, ruff dawgs!! lol! I hope things are better buddy
@exectweets I agree on the emp mtg..a new start for GM huh?
@john_e_blaze cool bro...
Get your NBA Teams Twitter right here
Whats up people? Who do you think now is going to win the NCAA tourney??

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