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@daveryankdwb Do you play the drums @ Westwood? My wife says no, I say it's you...can you settle this for us?
@MaynardsMN Thank you for the follow...we were out in January for pond hockey glory, can't wait for warmer temps and great food.
Take risks, if you win you will be happy, if you lose, you will be wise. #inspiration4theday
@LordFletchers Thank you for the follow...we are looking forward to a burger on the wharf in 80 degree temps...hopefully sooner than later!
#collectiontips Do not delay when working with an agency. Be up front about your situation early. Quick resolution can be achieved.
No longer buying overpriced razors & making the Man richer. @dollarshaveclub
If a customer doesn't pay for their service/product are they worth having as a customer? #Businesscollectionstips
Collection Agency Misnomer...industry is dark and mean...Every Industry needs an original...fresh, inventive, different. #CRCCisthatagency
Think rationally when dealing with an agency, losing your cool will not lead to a smooth resolution...keep a cool head and negotiate
#collectiontips When you are dealing with a collection agency, remember it is a fin. trans., keep your cool and make an offer that works.
I got to get in on this #MLBTV4Lunch...Switch Hitter. C'mon baby, we need to be able to watch at work!
Just had a customer call in after making a payment online, just to tell us how much he liked #awesomeday
@johnandrewsroot, you just gave Capital Resource the #1 web presence in the collection industry. Thank you...will be going live shortly.
Sure is fun to know that CRCC was the first ARM agency to have a Twitter handle, Facebook page & Mobile Optimized website. Tweet On!
We are hiring collection representatives...apply here:
@robertherjavec I feel like we should be working together. @crcccollects @THG_CSOC #worthashot #tryingeveryavenue
CTOD: Secure Online Payment Portals are great applications to resolve a debt w/o having to speak to a collector. Usually quick and easy.
91.4 Million Smartphones in the U.S. alone...Mobile sites are a must, looking to lead the Collection Industry in innovation.
Alright we are back! Mobile users, please check out CRCC Mobile - First of the kind in collection industry!
@StevenJackson41 Yes sir, I am.

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