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I look at this photo alot of times and just want to climb into the photograph and take my shoes off and relax. A print that you will enjoy for a long time.This print measures 8x10 inches. The print has been on etsy front page twice! Not only etsy admirers but my favorite print!

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This is a field of phlox that has surrounded this old shed. There is so much color with all the flowers starting to bloom with all the warm weather and moisture. This print measures 8x10 inches. This print is also available in the 11x14 and 16x20 size. They are printed at a professional lab and can be shipped from the lab to your house. The 11x14 price is quoted in my main page, the 16x20 will be $30.00.

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I love taking pictures of the sunflowers, either wild or the kind that can be harvested. I picture sunflowers as being happy, and full of color,they make me smile. This print measures 8x10 inches.Free Shipping on all my prints!
This print is available in larger sizes.

12.00 USD

A scene of many farms in Kansas with the old windmill and big barn.The blue sky makes the photograph stand out.This print measures 8x10 inches with larger sizes available.I framed this print in a 16x20 barnwood frame I made,they go good together

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I go to nature to be soothed and healed,and to have my senses put in order,John Burroughs