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RT @CallaBuff: #jodiarias shld get life in prison w/o parol and w/o any media coverage. Never want to see her on TV again.
RT @YourAnonNews: If you do not step up and speak against #CISPA it might be too late. #CISPABlackout
RT @TheLoowho: #JodiArias It's very easy to think she stabbed a naked man by surprise & overpowered him. Heart was first
RT @krouleau0216: #jodiarias Premeditated murder can be done in a blink of an eye, it can take less than a minute to premeditate!
RT @megan568: @Angela2132 She certainly wasn't the meek, fragile, victim we saw on direct. An abuse survivor would not be snarky if inti ...
RT @9NEWS: Murder-suicide victim still 'critical' Her family asks for prayer for 2yo Isabell and for the family. #9NEWS
RT @anthxeria: Big Big shout out to the court reporter for staying awake for the past two days of this testimony... #jodiarias
Crayon bath soap that really does "color" and does not stain....makes bathtime fun for kids!
This has been a week full of Mondays :(
All of our problems in this country and Obama is more concerned with Fox News...really?!??!
Finally have lip balm samples listed again....YAY!
Finished another lion fun to make
If North Korea is going to strike the US, do I still have to do my taxes??? ;)
RT @TheMichaelRock: Hey North Korea, Japan threatened us once. Ask them how that worked out.
Need to find a place that sells "Organization" in large sized bottles!!!!! ASAP!
@ScentSupplies Reminds me that I still need to place an order for oils. Started to and got side-tracked...then forgot :0
RT @StephenAtHome: The Second Amendment trumps all the other amendments, because it's the one that's packing.
The next 4 years under Obama scares me. Sorry folks...the last 4 years were not the greatest!
I thought I would be able to catch up around here without my outside job....not happening!!
RT @ErinMurray99: Dear God, Please don't let the #JodiArias jury be as as brain dead as the CMA jury.

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