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8.00 USD

You found it! That perfect dainty and snug little sterling silver nose ring! This slender nose ring hoop is made from spring hardened 22 gauge sterling silver wire. The hoop is lightweight and flexible yet strong and is designed to fit snug on your nostril.

22 gauge is the measurement for the wire thickness- about the same as a sewing needle. This gauge is popular because of it's subtlety and flexibility- the hoop is slender, so it doesn't stick out like a thicker gauge (making you feel like a pirate- which isn't the look that everyone is going for)

22 gauge wire is slender and can bend easily, which can be an asset when you are putting in or taking out your hoop...

Yes, they also can bend out of shape if they are not opened and closed properly This is why with each order I send detailed information sheets which illustrate:

1) how I recommend to properly open and close your hoop
2) how to easily re-shape your hoops if they become distorted.
3) easy DIY custom sizing instructions
4) a video link that shows you how to custom size the hoop using basic nail care tools.

size and fit:
I send a hoop that will be on the large size ( between 6-8 mm inner diameter) and include super easy DIY trimming and fitting instructions with every order. This way, you can trim it to your preferred fit! I also include a link to my instruction video along with my contact info if you have any questions about your new hoop.
NOTE: If you need a larger inner diameter than 6-8 mm please send me a message on your order, with the measurement you need. I will make an XL size for you, also on the large size, so you can trim it to your exact desired fit.

How to know what size you might need? please look at the fifth image of this listing- it shows where you need to measure to figure out your diameter needs, (any questions on this please feel free to send me a message via etsy!)

this listing is for (1) one 22 gauge nose ring hoop- (the most slender wire hoop I sell)
made with 100% solid sterling silver wire (not plated) These little nose rings are hand made one at a time, with attention to detail and quality please allow for very slight variations in each ring, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Other silver nose rings in my shop:

Want a a thicker gauge wire? try a 20 gauge nose ring hoop:

Here's one with decorative twisted wire
twisted silver wire (20 gauge post)

and two different colors of Gold nose hoops:
14k yellow gold

14k rose gold (slightly more pink color gold)

I also sell nose ring studs, ear cuffs and lots more beautiful silver and mixed metal jewelry- original designs, all handmade- new designs added on a regular basis (weekly/monthly)
I ship these out quickly- they are usually in stock and able to be mailed within a day or two. (In super busy times when I have to make more stock they will be mailed out within 7 days of order at longest). Please let me know if you are in a rush. Shipped in a padded mailing envelope, USPS first class with tracking included. Super Easy DIY sizing and hoop maintenance information included in each order. Shipping insurance is optional, and can be added at checkout.

10.00 USD

Twisted silver wire gives a different spin on a nose ring hoop! Looking for another option for your nose ring? How about a twisted sterling silver wire hoop - two strands of 22 g wire twist together and tapers to a 20 gauge post (part that goes through your piercing)Looking for a snug fit?Or just looking for a nose ring that (finally) fits exactly the way you want?I make these with an approximately 10 mm inner diameter, though you can order a slightly larger size if you need a larger hoop.

the question of fit-
We all have different noses, and different piercing sites, so I give you the power to fit your hoop exactly to your needs by sending my super easy DIY custom sizing instructions with your order (includes a link to my sizing instruction video on youtube, so you can see me explain and demonstrate how to size your new hoop using simple manicure tools everyone has at home-even guys)

The last image in this listing illustrates approximately where you should measure for your correct fit

This twisted silver hoop is finished with a darkened silver "antique" finish to highlight the twisted wire

**I make these hoops one by one, they are completely handmade, please allow for slight variations in twist and size

Mailed in a padded envelope with contact information, video link and written instructions. US postal service first class mail, tracking included. shipping insurance can be added at checkout.

more nose ring styles at

6.00 USD

Simple and light, this is a lightly textured skinny stacking ring- made with spring hardened 18 gauge sterling silver wire, lightly hammer textured. These are so pretty in a group- though I sell them one at a time, so you can order as many as you like.

These simple rings are excellent to mix with my other stacking rings- I like them as a spacer between twisted rings for instance- the thin line of this silver band gives you a visual break between more ornate stack style rings.

Great for a "Safety ring"
Do you have a ring that you love that is just too loose? afraid you might lose it? These simple sterling silver rings are a good solution to the problem of having a ring that is too large- simply slip the correct size of this slender ring over your too big ring, and voila! The stacking ring acts as a stopper for the too big ring, so you need not worry about losing your big ring any more!

I offer these in 3 finishes-
*Polished*- no patina, just shiny silver! the delicate texture shimmers in the light!
*Satin*- lightly hand sanded to a pretty, slightly rustic Matte finish.
*Dark*- all patina, no bright areas. this is a cool, urban/industrial look. Really interesting when paired with a shiny or satin ring, or any other bright surface.
*******Please specify your preference of finish during checkout. **If no finish is specified the default finish is Satin.**

SIZES-Available in size 3 to 10 (American sizing) I have many sizes already in stock (and ready to ship)- for those sizes not in stock, I require a few days to make the rings to order. Please allow 10 days for shipping (though I usually ship much faster than that- see my feedback for comments on my speedy service)
Yes, I will do a quarter size if you need it. please tell me if you want a quarter size- I don't mind making them! Slight price increase is due to material increase- bigger sizes require more metal.

Packed in a padded mailer, shipped via USPostal service, first class mail, tracking included. shipping insurance is not included but may be purchased at checkout if desired. I will send you a notification email when I put your order in the mail, so you can be on the lookout for a package from Cosmo's Moon!

thank you!- Maureen BZ

14.50 USD

Funky, chunky little silver skulls on post earrings. Handmade and a tad rustic, these earrings feature a cool little grinning skull stamped into a thick disc of sterling silver. This is the listing for a PAIR (two) skull earrings, they are also sold as single earring/nose ring (see link to single listing below)

Gender neutral, Guys, Gals, Dudes, Chicks, Men, Women, Boys, Girls etc...these cool little stud earrings are great for anyone who likes skulls!

How they are made:
Made by hammering out a cast sphere of sterling silver into a small thick disc that's about 6-8mm in diameter (and about 1.5 mm thick) I then carefully hand stamp the design onto the little chunky disc. To finish, I solder on medium weight 20 gauge ear posts which I then spring harden, which straightens and strengthens the silver post.

Backed by comfortable and secure rubber stoppers. (I send extra stoppers, because I know they can get misplaced least I know that I tend to misplace them lol)

I make these as I make all the other work in this shop; by hand and with attention to quality and detail. Because they are handmade and forged, allow for variations of size and placement of stamped skull. The size of the little discs range from 6-8 mm diameter. The stamping will always be complete, allow for the design to possibly be slightly off center on the irregular circle of the discs.

Please Note:
This is for a Pair (2) of earrings- I also sell these as a single earring, here:

Packed in a padded mailer- shipped via US Postal Service, tracking included.

I send a shipping notification email when I ship out my orders, and I'm proud to be known for fast delivery (if you check out my feedback, you will find "fast" as one of the most used comments). If I have a piece in stock it will be shipped ASAP- often within 24 hours of order

8.75 USD

Looking for a simple, snug fitting silver nose ring hoop that is just a bit thicker than my 22 gauge dainty hoop? Here it is! This Nose ring hoop is made from spring hardened 20 gauge solid sterling silver wire. The hoop has a small flat ball of silver at the end of the hoop (which acts as a stopper to keep it from spinning out of your piercing.)

As a nose ring hoop wearer since 1989, and I understand the importance of a good fit. That's why I send a link to my easy DIY nose ring hoop sizing instruction video I made for my customers so you can fit your hoop to your exact size. (using basic nail care tools)

You can easily maintain a round hoop or reform a hoop that is already bent - I send detailed directions with your order. (These Maintenance techniques are also demonstrated on the video)

size and fit
The inner diameter of the hoop I send is about 8-10 mm round. (unless you tell me you need larger) If you need a bigger one please note it on your order- The fourth photo in this listing shows me measuring for a nose ring hoop- If you have any questions about how to fit your nose ring please feel free to send me a message via etsy- I am convo friendly!

this listing is for one(1) 20 gauge nose ring hoop

Hand made one at a time, allow for very slight variations in each ring.
Available while supplies last, usually mailed out within 1-5 days of order
Shipped in a padded mailer, USPS first class mail with tracking included.Shipping insurance is not included but can be purchased at checkout if desired.

Important Notes for newbie hoop wearers:
If you are used to a thinner gauge for your nose ring or are not used to wearing hoops you may want to try a 22 gauge dainty hoop first. 22 Gauge is slightly thinner, which may be more comfortable for anyone who is not used to wearing a nose hoop.
You will find the 22 gauge nose hoop listed in my shop here:
Thank you for supporting handmade artisan jewelry, and helping to keep Etsy as a place to find unique handmade items sold by independent artists like me!
- Maureen BZ

5.00 USD

Looking for a tiny silver earring for your multiple piercings? How about a first pair of handmade earrings for your young friend with freshly pierced ears? This tiny earring design also works great as an unusual nose ring: it's small enough to fit noses without looking out of place (like some ear studs might).Approximately 3 millimeters in diameter, they have a dimple stamp on the face and a 20 gauge post back with rubber stopper.

Tiny yet substantial mini silver studs; made from a nugget of sterling silver which I hammer into a flat (but a bit fat) disc. I make them this way to give the earring a bit more substance than if it were made from a flat sheet. This method also makes them have an organic form, not precisely circular, they look more natural than if they were stamped out of a disc cutting machine.

As they are handmade, they have slight variations. I can choose from my stock based on your needs:
Want an oval shape or are you looking for a circle? tell me on your order and I will choose from your specifications.
As they can also be slightly different sizes , you can specify your sizing needs as well. If you are looking for a really tiny size (particularly for a nose ring)you can note that on your order and I will pick one of my smallest in stock.(Likewise if you are looking for a slightly larger size.)
Some have dimples in the center, some are slightly offset. If you have a preference please note this on your order.

I can also bend the post for you if you want to use it as a nose ring- I make a lot of nose rings, and have been wearing one for 30 years so I know how to make a nose stud fit comfortably in your piercing. (nothing worse than an uncomfortable piercing!)
**Please Pick the variation for nose ring if you want it to have a post bent for comfort as a nose ring.**

These dimple studs are usually in stock and ready to ship- at the most I may need a week's time for making any custom orders for this design.

Securely packed in a padded mailer. I ship using US Postal service; you can choose your rate from many options including first class or if you are in a rush next day express shipping. Tracking is included, but shipping insurance is not- however, you can add shipping insurance if you desire during checkout.

any questions about this item or anything else in Cosmo's Moon? please ask! I am usually able to answer most questions within the day- sometimes instantly- Please take a moment to check my feedback rating- I'm proud to say that I have many happy and repeat customers
thanks for shopping at Cosmo's Moon! - Maureen

14.00 USD

Little chunky silver pebble stud earrings, simple and a bit rustic. Created with with organic shaped "pebbles" of solid sterling silver and featuring a hand stamped spiral adorning the surface. These little treasures are 100% handmade, so a "pair" will be similar in shape and size, but not identical. (Like the photos)

These earrings have a rustic feel which shows the hand (not machine) that made them. Do you dislike that plastic-y factory finish in most commercial jewelry? I do too! My work is hand finished, with your choice between polished and matte finishes. (both will have a darkened spiral)

These petite stud earrings measure approx 4-6 millimeters round (about 3/8 inch) and are finished with a sterling silver post soldered on the back, with a comfy pair of little rubber stoppers.(also available with sterling silver ear clutch backs- choose this during checkout. The slight price increase for silver stoppers reflects the additional silver)

packed in a little protective jewelry box nestled in a padded mailer and shipped via USPostal Service, first class mail, tracking included. Shipping insurance is not included, but can be added at checkout if you desire. These handmade earrings are Made to order and are mailed approx 7-10 days after order. (I often have a pair in stock, so the wait is usually almost nothing- see my feedback for comments on my speedy service)

Thank you for your indie spirit, and for shopping for handmade artisan jewelry. We really DO make things "Like they used to"!
:-) Maureen BZ

75.00 USD

this Big Bold Oak Leaf brooch is made with layers of sterling silver and copper. Tthe metals are layered so that the copper makes an outline around the silver leaf. Ball peen hammering and stamped details add a bit of texture, and the points of the leaf are ended with a small pellet of sterling silver. The pin mechanism is a handmade pin and clutch made with brass and stainless steel.

measurements- 3 inches long by 1 5/8 inches wide and a bit under 1/2 inch deep

packed in a small jewelry box. Shipped in a padded mailer. Shipped via US postal service, first class mail, with tracking included. Shipping insurance is highly recommended for this handmade piece. (you can add insurance at checkout)

thank you for your interest in my work!
Maureen BZ metalsmith/designer

5.00 USD

Classic five point Star stamped on a chunky little circle of sterling silver. This Star studded earring is made with a sterling silver circular nugget with a hand stamped classic star design.

The earring Post is a 20 gauge sterling silver wire and is closed with comfortable and secure rubber stoppers.

Please note: these are Sold as a single earring- buy two to have a pair
(I sell them this way for people to be able to mix and match their favorite stud earrings or, if someone needs an odd number of earrings...I'm Just trying to accommodate my customer's needs :-)

Approximate size 5-7mm diameter ( they are handmade and will all have slightly different shapes but will measure about the same)

Packed in a padded mailer- shipped via US Postal Service, your choice of service from first class to priority express, worldwide. tracking included.

In stock and ready to ship!

18.00 USD

Light and slender medium sized sterling silver handmade hoop earrings with a hammer line texture and antique finish. This "line hammer texture" style of Cosmo's Moon hoop earrings are simple, sleek in design and made with the satisfying quality found in expert craftsmanship.

They have a simple, clean lightweight design and are so comfortable that you will probably forget that you are wearing them!

Unfettered by excess decoration, these are great earrings for both men and women.

Measuring approximately one inch in diameter, Medium sized and lightly textured with little darkened hammer mark lines for extra texture and rustic handmade detail.

Easy to put on and comfortable to wear, these post backed hoops have cool, earthy style and are sure to become your every day favorites!

in stock and ready to ship!

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