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8.00 USD

You found it! That perfect dainty and snug little sterling silver nose ring! This slender nose ring hoop is made from spring hardened 22 gauge sterling silver wire. The hoop is lightweight and flexible yet strong and is designed to fit snug on your nostril.

22 gauge is the measurement for the wire thickness- about the same as a sewing needle. This gauge is popular because of it's subtlety and flexibility- the hoop is slender, so it doesn't stick out like a thicker gauge (making you feel like a pirate- which isn't the look that everyone is going for)

22 gauge wire is slender and can bend easily, which can be an asset when you are putting in or taking out your hoop...

Yes, they also can bend out of shape if they are not opened and closed properly This is why with each order I send detailed information sheets which illustrate:

1) how I recommend to properly open and close your hoop
2) how to easily re-shape your hoops if they become distorted.
3) easy DIY custom sizing instructions
4) a video link that shows you how to custom size the hoop using basic nail care tools.

size and fit:
I send a hoop that will be on the large size ( about 7-9 mm inner diameter) and include super easy DIY trimming and fitting instructions with every order. This way, you can trim it to your preferred fit! I also include a link to my instruction video along with my contact info if you have any questions about your new hoop.
If you need a larger inner diameter than 7-9 mm please send me a message on your order, with the measurement you need. I will make an XL size for you, also on the large size, so you can trim it to your exact desired fit.

How to know what size you might need? please look at the fifth image of this listing- it shows where you need to measure to figure out your diameter needs, (any questions on this please feel free to send me a message via etsy!)

this listing is for (1) one 22 gauge nose ring hoop- (the most slender wire hoop I sell)
made with 100% solid sterling silver wire (not plated) These little nose rings are hand made one at a time, with attention to detail and quality please allow for very slight variations in each ring, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Other silver nose rings in my shop:

Want a a thicker gauge wire? try a 20 gauge nose ring hoop:

Here's one with decorative twisted wire
twisted silver wire (20 gauge post)

and two different colors of Gold nose hoops:
14k yellow gold

14k rose gold (slightly more pink color gold)

I also sell nose ring studs, ear cuffs and lots more beautiful silver and mixed metal jewelry- original designs, all handmade- new designs added on a regular basis (weekly/monthly)
mailed out within 1-7days of order. Shipped in a padded mailing envelope, USPS first class with tracking included. Super Easy DIY sizing and hoop maintenance information included in each order. Shipping insurance is optional, and can be added at checkout.

7.00 USD

A simple classic silver ring, this stacking ring is hand crafted with a cool hammer "faceted" surface. Handmade with sturdy 16 gauge sterling silver wire with slender oval surfaces hammered around the ring's surface to create a faceted design. Simple and sturdy, these stacking rings look great alone, but also are really pretty when stacked together in a group of other simple rings.

sizes 3 - 10 (American sizing)
These classic rings are made to last with the highest quality hand craftsmanship. I have a large collection of sizes in stock and ready to ship. (For those sizes that aren't in stock, they are made to order and shipped within 10 days of order.) Slight price increase for larger sizes reflects the increase in metal used in making the ring- larger sizes take more metal to make.

Sold as single ring, (price listed is per ring)
Shipped in a padded mailer, via US Postal Service, First Class mail, tracking included. shipping insurance is not included but can be added at checkout if desired.

**Please specify ring size when ordering**

Thank you for supporting handmade artisan jewelry, and helping to keep Etsy as a place to find unique handmade items sold by independant artists!
- Maureen BZ

6.00 USD

Looking for a perfectly tiny Sterling silver nose ring? You found it here! This is a perfectly petite 1-2 mm seed of sterling silver on a slender 22gauge L shaped post. A simple little nose ring stud, made for us nose ring wearers who want a discreet and comfortable nose ring stud for everyday!

This is the listing for my smallest size nose ring stud- (it is the smaller of the two shown in the detail image with the millimeter ruler- the larger one is listed in my shop too, it has a 2.5 - 3 mm silver sphere on a 20 gauge L shaped post)

Why I make great nose rings:
Having been a nose ring wearer for more than 30 years I am very familiar with the sorry excuses for nose rings that are commonly available, too big, too shiny, too heavy, and questionable metal..

I know how hard it is to find nose rings that are sized right, finding mostly those big ones make you feel like a pirate, or having the feeling that the nose ring is wearing you!
This is why I started making my line of silver nose ring studs and hoops; to have the option of high quality handmade nose jewelry that fits your face, and does what it's supposed to do: be a beautiful accent to your features, and not overpower them.

This "tiny seed" style nose ring is handmade with a tiny ball of silver fused on a wire post. Neat and discreet, a tiny 1-2 mm dot of Sterling silver just big enough to be noticed ( and not slip through your pierced hole) a pretty little seed of silver on a slender 22 gauge post.

The post is bent approximately 4-5 mm below the silver ball ( please note on your order if you know your nostril thickness- especially if you have thick skin) and the tail end of the wire is curved in an arch for comfort.

These are handmade in Sterling silver- please allow for very slight variations in the fused bead.

Packed in a padded mailer and shipped out daily ( excluding Sundays and Holidays) I ship using USPS first class service, tracking included. Shipping insurance can be added at checkout if desired.

Thank you for shopping at my shop, and for supporting independent artists- I'm on a mission to prove that they really DO make things the way they used to!
Ciao!-Maureen Brusa Zappellini

14.00 USD

Little chunky silver pebble stud earrings, simple and a bit rustic. Created with with organic shaped "pebbles" of solid sterling silver and featuring a hand stamped spiral adorning the surface. These little treasures are 100% handmade, so a "pair" will be similar in shape and size, but not identical. (Like the photos)

These earrings have a rustic feel which shows the hand (not machine) that made them. Do you dislike that plastic-y factory finish in most commercial jewelry? I do too! My work is hand finished, with your choice between polished and matte finishes. (both will have a darkened spiral)

These petite stud earrings measure approx 4-6 millimeters round (about 3/8 inch) and are finished with a sterling silver post soldered on the back, with a comfy pair of little rubber stoppers.(also available with sterling silver ear clutch backs- choose this during checkout. The slight price increase for silver stoppers reflects the additional silver)

packed in a little protective jewelry box nestled in a padded mailer and shipped via USPostal Service, first class mail, tracking included. Shipping insurance is not included, but can be added at checkout if you desire. These handmade earrings are Made to order and are mailed approx 7-10 days after order. (I often have a pair in stock, so the wait is usually almost nothing- see my feedback for comments on my speedy service)

Thank you for your indie spirit, and for shopping for handmade artisan jewelry. We really DO make things "Like they used to"!
:-) Maureen BZ

12.50 USD

Perfectly petite fleur de lis disc earrings in Sterling silver with post and clutch backs. slightly domed and the fleur de lis symbol is stamped into the sterling silver.

The design details are enhanced by dark patina in the stamped design.

These are lightweight dainty post earring (measuring about a quarter inch across widest point).

In stock and ready to ship-
Shipped in a small jewelry box and mailed in a padded mailing envelope, via US postal service first class mail. I ship every weekday (barring holidays).

I send a notification email when I ship each order, so my customers know when to expect their piece in the mailbox

any questions please feel free to ask (you can reach me through etsy by clicking the "Contact" button on my shop) I read every message and try to get back to each message within 24 hours at most.

Please check out my feedback ratings! I am proud to have great craftsmanship and customer service

7.00 USD

Little bone white skull beads. These little dangle earrings are funky and colorful, more cool than spooky. Great to wear all year round, but absolutely perfect for the Fall
These handmade earrings are made with creamy white glass skull beads with a glass colored accent bead.

Strung on brass with hook style brass ear wires and secure rubber earring stoppers. Sterling silver ear wire also available at a slightly higher price than the brass ear wires. Choose between either brass or sterling silver ear wires in the variations section of the listing!

Check off your choice of accent colors in the Variations section of this listing
The skulls on this listing are always a bone/creamy white and they have a variety of glass accent bead colors ( as shown in group photo) your choice of Red, Lime Green, pale Blue, dark metallic blue and golden metallic glass beads.

I will contact you via etsy messenger to confirm your choices

Packed in a padded mailer and shipped by US Postal Service first class mail. Tracking is included but insurance is not- you can easily add shipping insurance during checkout if you desire.

125.00 USD

Funky artistic leather and metal wrap bracelet. This type of multi media bracelet is one of my favorite things to create- Made from handmade components of different materials (silver, copper, pewter, resin, glass) and assembled in an artistic composition on a cuddle soft piece of recycled deerskin. The slide bead pieces are arranged in a thoughtful way, so that the individual pieces are able to be admired depending on which angle you look at the bracelet.

Measures- 8inches from end to end. the button hole is at 7 inches
This bracelet is super comfortable on me, I have an average woman's size, 7 inch wrist.

This is a One of a kind piece- you can be sure that your new bracelet is a unique piece of art, as individual as you are! 100% handmade by designer/artist
Like all of the work in this shop, this piece was made in my workshop in Tucson Arizona. It is handmade in the USA by me, an independant artist/designer. I am a one person (two dog) shop. All of my work is my original design, and I create all of my pieces with raw materials I manipulate by my expertly trained hands.
Thank you for supporting handmade artisan jewelry, and helping to keep Etsy as a place to find unique handmade items sold by independant artists!
- Maureen BZ

18.00 USD

A guitar pick like no other! Made with sterling silver, these picks are hand patterned and polished with patina that makes the pattern stand out. This guitar pick style had a unique embossed design- Each are made by hand with it's own unique pattern- no two alike!

Made with 22 gauge sterling silver sheet that has been hand embossed and has a light dappled hammer texture. Details are darkened to highlight the pattern. Slightly domed surface ( if you want it flat I can do that too, just mention this in the order) for thumb comfort. Stamped with artist initials and sterling quality stamp

I can also take special orders for patterning- for instance, if you desire a curvy pattern, or an angular pattern, I can adjust the embossing for different styles. Have initials, a word or image you are wanting but can't find? Please send me a convo to ask if I may be able to fulfill your desired design.

This listing is for one hand Embossed, organic unique guitar pick in 22 gauge Sterling silver.

***please let me know if you want a hole drilled in the pick for it to be able to be strung on a cord or chain****

Packed in a padded mailer, shipped via US postal service, first class, tracking included.

Note: Brass, Copper and mixed metal picks coming soon! Send me a convo if you have any other choices in material or patterning that you might be searching for! I can make them as simple or complex as needed :-)

8.00 USD

One cool retro flower stud earring. Clean and simple flower design stamped on a chunky little stud earring. Handmade with a hammer forged chunky little sterling silver nugget that I then stamp with a simple five petal flower design.

Gender neutral, these cool little stud earrings are great for any flower lover, Farmer John or Joan :-) I like their slight retro design, and that they aren't super feminine- Just cool little funky flowers on a nice chunk of silver

How they are made:
Made by hammering out a cast sphere of sterling silver into a small thick disc that's about 6-8mm in diameter (and about 1.5 mm thick) I then carefully hand stamp the design onto the little chunky disc. To finish, I solder on medium weight 20 gauge ear posts which I then spring harden, which straightens and strengthens the silver post.

Backed by comfy and secure rubber stoppers. (I send extra stoppers, because I know they can get misplaced least I know that I tend to misplace them lol)

This listing is for ONE single earring / nose ring.

I do also sell these as a pair for a slight discount- the listing for a pair of these flower studs is here:

Approximate size 6-8mm diameter ( they are handmade and will all have slightly different shapes but will all be circular and measure within 6-8mm diameter)

Packed in a padded mailer- shipped via US Postal Service, tracking included.

I send a shipping notification email when I ship out my orders, and I'm proud to be known for fast delivery (if you check out my feedback, you will find "fast" as one of the most used comments). If I have a piece in stock it will be shipped ASAP- often within 24 hours of order

In stock and ready to ship!

14.50 USD

These are a Pair of rockin' little chunky stud earrings- I make them with a number of stamped designs, this listing is for my Spiral design. They are hand stamped on a satisfyingly thick little circular nugget of sterling silver.

this listing is for a PAIR of these spiral studs. (want an odd number? I also sell them as single earrings here:

These chunky little stud earrings are gender neutral- great for both men or women.

I make these by compressing sterling silver spheres with a forging hammer and stamping the design into the flattened chunk of silver. The size and shape will vary slightly, but they will always be circular and between 6-8 millimeters diameter.

The earring post is a 20 gauge sterling silver wire and is closed with comfortable and secure rubber stoppers.

Approximate size 6-8mm diameter ( they are handmade and will all have slightly different shapes but will measure about the same)

Packed in a padded mailer- shipped via US Postal Service, your choice of service from first class to priority express, worldwide. tracking included.

In stock and ready to ship!

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