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This seems like an especially relevant day to suggest that you follow @newrainmaker …
RT @SpearsMarketing: Sweet! Just got my @newrainmaker invitation! Can't remember when I was this excited to try something out :)
RT @soniasimone: It tickles me how many people relate to this post | @copyblogger The Complete Flake’s Guide to Getting Things Done: http:/…
Landing Pages Turn Traffic Into Money:
13 Damn Good Ideas from 13 Dead Copywriters:
The Complete Flake’s Guide to Getting Things Done:
@HollieRapello two great words to sum up the latest piece by @soniasimone — hysterical and useful. :-)
Do you consider yourself a flake? Do you struggle to get things done? Then it's imperative you read today's blog post. Coming shortly ...
@Powelly_Jay yes, big kudos to @RaubiMarie for that post. It’s really resonated with readers.
@Powelly_Jay Thank you Jay. Thanks for following. And thank you @veroapp for the kind mention.
@ernieattorney thank you :-)
@ernieattorney Not a problem Ernest. We appreciate you letting us know. Those selective DNS issues can be quite the bummer.
Top Journalists Are Flocking to Brands. Here’s Why.
Are You Really Writer? Here's How to Tell ...
Do You Want to Know the Secrets to Writing Advertorials That Sell?
We approve of this definition of "content marketing"
Two Practical Guides to Keyword Research for the Real World (No Charge):
@kporushkevich Thank you Karina :-) Your kind words are much appreciated. We always strive to be useful.
SEO is Dead: Long Live OC/DC ...
@kporushkevich Tweets like that are a good start. ;-)

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