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This is the very last one of its kind.
Both totally true statements.
RT @becpdx: @tedwheeler @ShaunKing #QuaniceHayes
RT @nessavay: @tedwheeler Demilitarize our police force & discipline cops who kill innocent people. Do better! Listen to your constituents!…
This took forever.
Packing orders & getting my shop vacation ready. Check out my shop announcement for details & a sweet coupon code!
RT @itssylviaplath: I don't know why I should be so hideously gloomy, but I have that miserable "nobody-loves-me" feeling.
RT @RogueNASA: If you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious today, remember that this is Leland Melvin's official NASA picture.…
NEW IN THE SHOP! resist by cookoorikoo via @Etsy
When things fall apart, make art. I just did a tiny but fierce shop update.
@rgay when I met you last week, I already knew you were bad ass but good gravy, you are fucking hard core.
@cinnachick @veronicaeye @me3dia and that makes me so happy!!!
RT @xlovelucy: RT if black women taught/are teaching you how to be a better feminist. RT if WOC taught/are teaching you how to be a better…
RT @elizaskinner: WW getting mad when WOC point out racism in feminism is like getting mad at being told there's junk in your teeth. ITS A…
@MesozoicMuse I just tried watching some @AnimalogicShow videos and they're blocked in the US. Any idea why?
. @AnimalogicShow any reason why your videos are currently blocked in the US? We watched a ton last week and can't now. Why?
Whoa! The Mindy Project reposted one of my Mindy hoops! mindyprojecthulu's photo
RT @thecherness: @thecherness oh she totally did.

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i like pie. and shiny things. and making pie and shiny things.

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