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Y'all. I'm doing free shipping through Friday and I just decided to throw a postcard pack in with every order becau…
RT @yokoono: To make a dream come true, start writing what you want. You'll be surprised that your mind actually knows exactly what you wan…
Got someone on your list who would appreciate feminist embroidery? Everything in my shop is ready to ship and US sh…
RT @RepMaxineWaters: Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up, lock him up.
RT @yokoono: Don't stop yourself from being upset. That's not your inner demons. Just you. You are human and allowed to be upset.
RT @dariatbh: I will watch this video everyday just so I can start my day off right
This is 2017, dudes: if you aren’t actively helping already, go take out the garbage. Do a load of dishes. Go get t…
RT @mstohl: re: sexual harassment mansplainers lately whining "where does it end?" it ends when dudes stop talking like that. yes it's real…
@MollieStratton @Etsy thank you @MollieStratton! i LOVE YOU!
SALE! BUY ART! TREAT YOURSELF! TREAT YOUR FRIENDS! via @Etsy I'll stop yelling now. Thanks.
SO, Ladies with depo experience... How long until my cycle settles the fuck down?
I've had EIGHT periods since June.
Weirdly, I'd just checked the calendar to see if I'd be PMSing this week because of course that would be the case. 18 days. EIGHTEEN.
Yesterday, I stood up and felt that splat familiar to menstruating ladies everywhere. Out of nowhere.
I had my last Depo shot in February. Got my period again after five years in June. Its been a roller coaster.
TMI ahead. Specifically period talk.
@agnesbartonsabo uh. you. you were awesome and uplifting in 2017.
i love my friend.
RT @yokoono: Peace starts with first taking care of your own small world, and making it better.
RT @0mnigul: "Good witch" "Bad witch" What about "neutral witch" "Probably has good intentions but occasionally fucks it up witch" "Mora…

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