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RT @biggySF: For all you Sporting Kansas City fans trying to put a ring on it on Valentine's Day: #MLS
RT @Dos_A_Cero: I'll bet the shirts they are handing out for Mexico say 'Fourth in CONCACAF, thank Zusi we didn't have to play Uruguay'
If the #MLS playoffs have you down like they do me, cheer up by winning a trip to Australia: kinda like MEX did.
RT @Dos_A_Cero: FYI: If you applied for World Cup tickets, check your credit card for a pending charge for tickets! (This offer does not ap…
Cheers to Ramiro Corrales, a legend. Great career, well done sir. #ThankYouRamiro
RT @Dos_A_Cero: 'We Are Going to Brazil' translates to 'Vamos a Nueva Zelanda' in Spanish right? #DosACero
RT @biggySF: Will American fans make pilgrimages to the Bornstein statue in Honduras and the Zusi statue in Mexico someday? #USMNT
RT @Dos_A_Cero: Hey Mexico, before this critical World Cup Qualifier, I just want to remind you about your last one..... #DosACero. Don't f…
RT @Dos_A_Cero: Remember that time the US beat Mexico #DosACero? Which time? All of them.
RT @Dos_A_Cero: A poem: One week ago, the US dropped two goals on Mexico. Well what do you know! #DosACero @FreeBeerMovemnt @kicktv @Star…
RT @Dos_A_Cero: Let's do some counting today. USA: Cero, Uno, DOS! Mexico: Cero. #DosACero #USMNT @shinguardian
RT @Dos_A_Cero: Hey Mexico, did you forget about #DosACero yet? Don't. #USMNT #MERICA #MLS
RT @Dos_A_Cero: Yeah, that happened. Again. #DosACero #Freedom #USMNT #America
@VibeMagazine @Daydog @youngJFK Who won the @sensation tickets? Are you announcing that today?
Woke up this morning a bit foggy, can someone tell me the score from #USAvMEX?
Contest: Win Tix To Sensation in SF: … #VIBESensationSF
RT @biggySF: Tonight, we summon the mythical powers of the animals that live in Beckerman's hair. May they guide our shots straight and tru…
A front 4 of Altidore, Fab Johnson, Dempsey and Donovan has to look pretty fucking scary if you are Costa Rica right now. #USMNT
A bit of review of last night's US - Belize game for The Shin Guardian. Wondowing you all over.

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