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Welsh teacher refused permission by the United States authorities to fly to New York, despite having valid visa
““Here it’s not warm in weather, but warm in emotions and feelings.””
“America First” doesn’t apply to Trump wines. via @HuffPostPol
“We appear to have a president who cannot distinguish chaos from order”
Golf club members get invite to sit in on government
Journalists Whisper at Trump’s Crazy Press Conference: ‘This Is Insane’ via @thedailybeast
Not so business-savvy: the CEO in the White House is bad at hiring people | Lucia Graves
Today's Daily Thought/Valentine from @LifesighsCards Actually every DT is a Valentine!
RT @cmroberts1028: @MadelnCanada
RT @LRo70: @Mikeggibbs @ddale8 fixed it.
RT @flanagan61: #sarahpalin @SarahPalinUSA if you do come to Canada don't forget to drive on the other side of the road
Today's Daily Thought from @LifesighsCards "with a furious man thou shalt not go"
Today's Daily Thought from @LifesighsCards The Good Samaritan - needed now more than ever.
@blueflameit Maybe an opportunity for a teaching moment? 🙄
Custom #Joomla module style using #Bootstrap @getbootstrap panels + K2 content module @joomlaworks…
Todays Daily Thought from @LifesighsCards: "you are a sisterhood, a brotherhood of love"
if immigrants are less welcome in the United States, they should be made more welcome in Canada via @CatholicRegistr
Today's Daily Thought from @LifesighsCards Matthew 25:37 caring for refugees has deep consequences
Today's DT from @LifesighsCards "The rich man's wealth" isn't the same as genuine wealth.

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