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Trick or Treat? We say treat yourself to pumpkin pierogis with local pumpkin, sage and walnut creme. #HappyHalloween
RT @JSP_Properties: #ff these awesome spots that we have been enjoying in the #twincities @BirchwoodCafe @commonroots @KyatchiMpls @bullrun…
RT @swirlspice: “Lean On Me” just came on the radio at @commonroots and folks all around me are bopping their heads. I heard someone sing.
@TinWhiskersBrew @612Brew @FairStateCoop @SociableCider You bet! We're always open to ideas!
Huge thanks to everyone who came out for the Brewer's Pumpkin Carve-Off and to @612Brew @TinWhiskersBrew @FairStateCoop & @SociableCider!
The victorious pumpkin! Congrats to @FairStateCoop
RT @612Brew: #votepennywise @commonroots (designed by @DWITT75 )
RT @FairStateCoop: Pumpkin carving glory is ours! Thanks @commonroots for hosting tonight, I never thought we'd win an award even tangentia…
The #sweettango from @SociableCider!
Final pumpkin from @FairStateCoop!
Final pumpkin from @TinWhiskersBrew
Final pumpkin from @612Brew!
We've never seen so much work go into a pumpkin. @612Brew
RT @SociableCider: This is my best effort at artistic ability: the #SweeTango pumpkin. Get it? @commonroots
Red like the apples they use for their cider. @SociableCider
.@TinWhiskersBrew showing some real skill.
@SociableCider brought the spray paint!
So focused. Come see if Brewers are good at carving pumpkins @612Brew @FairStateCoop @TinWhiskersBrew @SociableCider
@RobertKasak If you can pull off our logo you'd probably win automatically.
@RobertKasak It's ok. We have stencils.

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Minneapolis cafe with good food made from scratch with local ingredients, beer on tap. And much more.

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