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Happy New Year! The 2010 San Diego Comic-Con is now only 201 days away from kicking off!
Sheldon Dorf, co-founder of Comic-Con, died today at the age of 76. Rest in peace, you will forever be remembered!
A massive roundup of all things #SDCC by @slashfilm:
RT @ThatKevinSmith Oh the irony of Hall H-ers booing TWILIGHT fans. Like a Trek passing a Jedi saying "Loser." Embrace next gen of geeks!
RT @moviejunk LOST got the greatest Panel at Comic-Con. Watch it here in HD #sdcc
RT @AtticusSays #trueblood happy hour giving away actual bottles of the new TruBlood beverage. #sdcc
RT @MattGoldberg I honestly think my IRON MAN 2 write-up is one of the best things I've ever done for Collider: #sdcc
RT @HitFixDaniel "True Blood" Comic-Con Live-Blog Finally Complete (Stupid Comic-Con WiFi): #sdcc
RT @GreatWhiteSnark J. Michael Straczynski on One More Day: "I should have said, 'This isn't right,' and walked away." Well. Yes. #sdcc
RT @moryan Tweeted the panels, not blogging #Lost & #Chuck. Don't need to cuz @sepinwall did a fine job with both #sdcc
RT @mrbeaks Favreau again on AVENGERS: "I'll be involved in some capacity." #sdcc
RT @moryan RT @jennifergodwin John Noble and Leonard Nimoy to shoot first #Fringe scene together on Wednesday, for Ep 4 #comiccon #sdcc
RT @Latinoreview Holy Fuck Iron Man 2 was bananas!!!! WAR MACHINE LOOKS BAD FUCKING ASS. #sdcc
RT @firstshowing First full Bob Stencil at #SDCC 09 video is up featuring Robert Downey Jr. and Megan Fox! Watch it now:
RT @TeeVeeGal Elite Security has changed the queue rules. People please line up for signings on the 4200 aisle. Comic-Con #sdcc
RT @nerdist: Fave Comic-con moment: a guy dressed as Wolverine stops to take a hit from an asthma inhaler. #sdcc
RT @CBR CCI LIVE: Green Lantern Blackest Night Panel #sdcc
RT @kphipps3000 FUTURAMA panel begins w/ Hypnotoad: "All is going well at FUTURAMA. You won't notice that the voice cast is not here today."
RT @Jon_Favreau Look closely. #sdcc

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