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RT @comfort: every act of creation is first an act of destruction
RT @comfort: painted over polaroids
RT @comfort: a friend of mine turned me into art.
@CNN if only any of them knew how to dance
RT @paulengelhard: I'm German. Over here, we have a word for "angry, low-education, disaffected white nativist voters". We call them Nazis…
RT @SnoopDogg: Your new commander and chief 🇺🇸
@TREEKASS highkey
RT @joemfox: PSA: Obama's policy pages are not "gone," they're archived at #InaugurationDay
RT @Yael_Rice: Fixed Betsy DeVos's tweet. She can thank the _public_ elementary school, middle school, high school, and universities where…
RT @daisyrdley: Shia LaBeouf started an anti-trump livestream that will run for FOUR years #HEWILLNOTDIVIDEUS
@yourlru apparently it's just protocol
RT @BarackObama: Hi everybody! Back to the original handle. Is this thing still on? Michelle and I are off on a quick vacation, then we’ll…
RT @AlexErnst: oh boy
RT @AFKdubstep: The Bernie Sanders Inauguration would've had mf Migos performing Bad n Boujee but you guys wanted President Cheeto and 3 do…
I can't sleep knowing that tomorrow morning I'm going to wake up & Donald Trump is going to be the president of our country
So... Does anyone wanna road trip from San Antonio to Los Angeles? Because @Expedia & @AmericanAir fucked @girlpout & I out of our way home
RT @SteveCarell: Breaking News: "The Office" returning to NBC.
my girlfriend is better at picking up girls than I am wtf
when the plug tells you $20 a g

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