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@KenSkversky with the name and address on the account for assistance. Thank you. -DP
@KenSkversky Hello, we can look into those early termination fees charges for you. Please send me a direct message
@JayAnthonySins send a DM when you are reach for our assistance. -AC
@JayAnthonySins Hi, we are able to check diagnostic data and run tests on this end on your equipment as well. Please
@flinters Hello, I'm sorry to hear you continue to experience issues with the services. Please DM for assistance. Thank you. -DP
@jbcard I'll be sure to pass on your feedback about Fox Sports 2. We examine channel lineups often to offer the best content available.-DP
@A_Shawtayyy Yikes! I would like to further assist you with your billing issue. Can you please DM your address and telephone number? -ZC
@jfreakins Hi John, is there anything that I can assist you with this evening? -AW
@lightning_kitty I love Matchbox 20! Enjoy :-) -YE
@ravetildon Hi, thank you for reaching out. Please send me a DM with your street address, I would be happy to look into this for you. –AW
@GoBronson Hi, I'd be happy to get this cleared up for you. Could you please follow us & DM your full address, phone # or acct #? -AW
@TnFirefly Hi Marie, thank you for that information I am happy to look into this for you. Please DM the full name on the account. -AW
@jefflandsman Please do let us know if you need any assistance and we'll be glad to help. -PTL
@louiexf_mia Hi Marty, I'd be happy to get this cleared up for you. Could you please follow us & DM your full address, phone # or acct #?-AW
@toastedwheet Not a problem. Let us know if you need anything at all. -PTL
@AnthrBdCreation That;s not good! I can take a look and help out, I just need a DM with your phone number and address!- JAG
@cpierce77 I understand how upsetting this can be. Can you please DM me so that I can help? -TS
@mschristineko That's not something we want to hear. Could you DM me what happened? I'm sure I could help out!- JAG
@anceegirl I can definitely see what's available, could you send me a DM w/ your phone number and address?- JAG
@dbarty11_ We don't want you to feel this way David, please DM your street address and account number. I can get this corrected for you. -AW

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My name is Bill Gerth also known as @comcastbill. We are here to Make it Right for our customers.

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