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$$$ coming to WhatsApp:
For the next #solareclipse I will bring a sweater.
The #Eclipse2017 is not made for a world where things are supposed to happen in 10 second increments.
Twitter training to CEOs - feels like it is 2005 again.
Is social media making us smarter?
If you get sad hearing about budget cuts and politics - convention for Positive Psychology is downstairs. #AC17Montreal #DMAI
Does this change everything?
#Facebook now has 2 billion MAU. No other org. or brand reaches that many directly. Huge opportunity - and responsibility.
The industrialization of influencers:
The #eclipse2017 is social thanks to this project: They also have an eclipse simulator to help you plan.
Internet Trends report is again full of gems and surprises. One key take-away: online gaming shows the future.
Social data does not lie - fewer tourists coming to the US:
Will @Pinterest soon be the only social channel left without original, premium video content?
@Snapchat and @Twitter are approaching live TV differently - not sure if either approach will work.
Recruiting is now social - I am not the only one saying this:
When it comes to social platforms every day seems to be #Lookalikeday
If you thought Instagram Stories is not having an impact on Snapchat look at this and think again:
Facebook ads a lot of interesting targeting options through unique IDs across platforms
Facebook is making virtual reality social:
Instagram Stories continue to evolve into Snapchat and eat it along the way

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