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RT @sunlightnetwork As we celebrate the rescue of Chilean miners, we reflect on #opengov challenges to US miners: http://snlg.ht/apvDwp
@freepress It doesn't look like you randomize the order of your NCMR proposals. This is going to bias your results. Can you fix?
The next question would be: "what makes a good conversation in technology?"
Listening to a government 2.0 panel here at #railsconf - interesting to hear Wynn emphasize the conversational power of technology
The speaker here at a #railsconf panel on Rails engines has decided not to answer questions. At all. Collective intelligence squashed.
8th point -- here at #edemcamp we have found a common theme of civic engagement and focusing on people
7th point from #edemcamp - with current tools we have built a patio. Now we are waiting for the house to be built. Congress, help
Whoops, the previous two were subpoints of group #6 #edemcamp (not group 7)
7b How do we build on the diversity we already had -- and build on it -- for the next #edemcamp?
7a That said, a little more structure to encourage small group work (and sessions) would be appreciated. #edemcamp
6th point - the diversity of folks and their passion -- from techie to civic engagement. The self organizing was wonderful. #edemcamp
5th point from #edemcamp - our group learned and was inspired by from the civic gaming panel about engaging the public using incentives
4th point: here at #edemcamp we made the impossible possible -- from chaos to order. learning from each other, communicated
3rd favorite thing / recommendations from the #edemcamp close: please maintain relationships from the camp, and put these ideas into action
2nd favorite thing at #edemclose: "keep up the good work everybody" #edemcamp
First favorite thing about #edemcamp: we are talking about applying eDemocracy right now, not just being theoretical or abstract
I would like your feedback on this (on open source voting API): http://wiki.github.com/djwonk/voting/api #edemcamp
We've found some consensus about ways to make games relating to civic engagement appealing here at #edemcamp
Our talk today at #edemcamp reminds me of Jane McGonigal's ETech 2007 talk on happiness & gaming:http://bit.ly/ApefZ
David Stern of MixedInk is doing a lightning round demo at #edemcamp

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