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1923 Halfpenny - the Rarest Australian Halfpenny
Currency in Gallipoli - The Dardanelles Overprints
This superb 1915 Shilling is on it's way to a growing date set in QLD Ex the Fenton collection, it has great eye ap…
Just picked up by a collector new to "ancients" - this denarius of Octavian dating to the Battle of Actium in 29BC
Australia's 1932 Florin - Struck During the Depths of the Great Depression
Australia's "Rainbow" Pound - An Incredible WWI Rarity
The 1976 DBP $1 Note Was A Million Dollar Test
The finest known 1918 Perth half sovereign just changed hands.
Just in - a Bill of Exchange issued in 1829 for John Dunn, one of Van Diemen's Land's wealthiest men.…
The Specimen 1934/5 Melbourne Centenary Florin Was Struck
Britain's 1827 Penny Has A Uniquely Australian History
The Saudi Aramco Gold “Sovereign” of 1947
The Bank of England Silver Dollars 1797 - 1817
Australia's 1951 Federation Jubilee Florin
The 1918 Perth Half Sovereign - A Truly Enigmatic Coin
Now sold - this 125 year old £1 note from the Union Bank of Australia
The 1852 Adelaide Pound - Australia's 1st Gold Coin. Or Not.
We picked this superb 1793 mohur up at auction recently
We just sold this 1952 £5 in "mint" condition, set aside for a FIFO worker in sunny Dubai pending his return home.
A Legacy of Australia’s Transition to Central Reserve Banking - The T2 Unissued £1,000

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