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I just backed Elements Juice Bar Addition on @Kickstarter http://t.co/sraSASD5rq
RT @Lay_Luh: Get to the 320 E Pine @cherrystreet NOW! Pulling shots of @SamBrandvein #usbc2015 coffee: Colombia Gesha @GranjaEsperanza @Di…
America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves- Lincoln
Hi USA friends.Those who have the ABILITY to take action should take the RESPONSIBILITY to take action or just complain like little bitches!
RT @TonyRobbins: Why Richard Branson is so successful: http://t.co/n03GPlo9Xa
RT @ChrisLoCurto: How To Transform Your Company Culture with David Morris -   Coffee with Chris is back with a bang! David Morris, F... htt…
RT @TimMontana First spin on #siriusxmoutlaw #weedandwhiskey http://t.co/RfcwBb27VZ GO TIM!!
@123Tink all good now!! Thank you for asking.
A little before and after pic. The first one is me in Salt lake last week. The second one is me on the… http://t.co/FcjV9JSTzO
@aknievelvincent @HighOctaneCEO @khayward253 sounds good!!!
RT @DangeRussWilson: At 26 years old I won't allow 1 play or 1 moment define my career. I will keep evolving. #Motivation
RT @evelknievel: @SuperBowl #Cialis #NoDeflatedBallsHere http://t.co/SzZyUDXBLS @Crsh4csh #EvelSpirit #ReturnToSnakeRiver #BeingEvel http:/…
Me wearing the very helmet that Evel Knievel wore and crashed in at Wembley Stadium 40 years ago.… http://t.co/ZfojUXVbPp
RT @HighOctaneCEO: Nothing better than opening my @Dillanos coffee order! Need #caffeine #coffee http://t.co/5cyvjvV5Gn
@aknievelvincent @ChrisLoCurto Yea, I like Evel better than Albert too :)
Pic of @crsh4csh in the Evel Spirit. Set to fly across the Snake River Canyon this summer #Rocketman #Evelspirit http://t.co/VCQMaQwhNt
Talking to Johnny Knoxville & his wife about who's who at the party #BeingEvel #Sundance So much fun w/Knievel clan http://t.co/f8L1QzKDFM
RT @ShelliKnievel: If you give Mat Hoffman Evel Knievel's Wembley helmet to wear in the Evel Spirit evelspirit he's your… http://t.co/z9NSr…
RT @realjknoxville: In the Evel Spirit rocket at the world premiere of Being Evel. #sundance http://t.co/DYYlfF2w9m
Last dat to enter for a Super Bowl giveaway https://t.co/phJrqkbz6y/s/_Y43

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David J. Morris CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters, Entrepreneur, Stuntman, Husband, Father, Servant & Conservative. but lover of ALL people! God Bless Everyone!

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