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I just backed http://t.co/8PwemUcCki - "Best Damn Everyday Carry" on @Kickstarter http://t.co/xCA4flfyEz
@ChrisLoCurto @JedYork @rory_vaden @YPO whoops, I forgot😄
@gillettlily Hey Kid!! How are you? Haven't seen you in forever
@ChrisLoCurto @rory_vaden I'm a diehard Hawks fan, but I am in @YPO w/ Niners CEO @JedYork so I have special place in my heart for them.SHHH
@allencoffeeguy Sounds good! Connect with me on Linkedin David J. Morris
RT @HighOctaneCEO: @CoffeeMaverick and I tried to buy a slice of pizza while we were getting gas, but the cook was asleep, s/b piZZZZZa! ht…
We had a great interview yesterday when @ssstrom (Stephanie) from the @nytimes came to @Dillanos. Look for us in a coffee feature soon!!
I just backed Spark Notebook: a place for your life plans and great ideas on @Kickstarter http://t.co/y5isNxo0O2
Make a point of keeping things simple. Complexity is the enemy of execution. Be amazing at 10 things instead of half-assed at 100 things
RT @SumnerSDCTE: Thank you @Dillanos_Meli for coordinating a visit for our CTE Leadership Team. The core values of Dillanos are evident!
Reading @TonyRobbins first new book in 20 years! He was such an influence on my Entrepreneurial career! check it out http://t.co/YSf242eXSB
RT @ChiefDoorman: My guest post on @EntMagazine - Reciprocal Loyalty -- the Best Way to Acquire and Retain Customers http://t.co/4fYznFB6Ub
Had a great time hanging out with @ChiefDoorman and @JoannaLord last night. Great people. Super cool Seattle tech superstars!
A great friend of mine, Tim Montana,has a new single, Rust & Red to download now! Plz rate it 5 stars https://t.co/6xrzXfCuew
6 Career Tips From Buffett, Branson & World's Best Coaches http://t.co/e8xseZiZo8
RT @Lay_Luh: Microsoft just launched their Instagram account with the #DoMore campaign. I'm the first to be… http://t.co/7a3UQUTT1R
This is the day that the has made,Let us rejoice and be glad in it Psalm 118:24 Today I'm thinking about how every day is such a gift!!
@nansen do you still have a contact at Twitter?
@aknievelvincent @khayward253 @HighOctaneCEO @MikeVallely we love you Alicia!!!
@aknievelvincent @HighOctaneCEO ok that is very scary! tI'm going to visit Marty Monday I'll bring you a big stray Great Dane to breast feed

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David J. Morris CEO of Dillanos Coffee Roasters, Entrepreneur, Stuntman, Husband, Father, Servant & Conservative. but lover of ALL people! God Bless Everyone!

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