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FISH-i Africa announced as SeaWeb Seafood Champion Award Finalist - Stop Illegal Fishing:
.@Tesco Doesn't help as that's not what it says on card, just "". Who should have explained it?
What a Joke @tesco giftcards AREn't redeemable at all as stated. Wasted 1hr+ shopping
Own a Samsung? You're at risk. Check out this item: #mobile #security
... go on then she say's. Fine! @LidlUK all the way, far less attitude and more helpful. Staff ARE your brand! #customercare #fail
.@AldiUK boscombe huge queue, one lane open, me with 1pt milk. Ask to open a till, but get pointed to Q. I'll have to go to @LidlUK I say...
there was a lot of tunnelling under enemy lines!
@yireo does Magento use the next highest order value in use or use next highest order #?
.@mathewi @Brown_Moses @mediagazer Fascinating story shows digital media allows people to become anything - if you have passion & dedication
.@BBCRadio2 tornado rotation not dictated by north/south hemisphere (Coriolis force). They spin both directions #facts
Social Media Plugin Fraud Identification > Could you spot a fake?
I've just updated my professional profile on LinkedIn. Connect with me and view my profile. #in
Can you be sure that Social Media isn't a fake? > This article raises important questions! #SM #social
.@petershankman couldn't agree more but that's the reason backpacking has seen explosive growth
Check out "Social Plugin Fraud Identification" via @coffeemarketing :
@adido Well done on the Drum award guys- you should be very proud!
@Rob_Milly Yea. I like idea of citizen enforcement. Bmouth is a great place to be creative. You down a lot? Work down here sometimes?
@Rob_Milly his mission is to get people to follow highway code. He told a cyclist off for doing same thing. Practice what you preach!

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