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The Palm Pre is simply incredible. We cannot wait to launch a Cofeto app for the Pre.
Just successfully installed a test version of Cofeto on 1 Palm Pre. Its still very far from prod and will not launch until Palm app store.
Developing an app for Cofeto on the Palm Pre.
We've been testing the Palm Pre for 4 hrs now, getting it ready for our users. Simple amazing! We will be developing an app for Cofeto.
Today, we purchased a set of Palm Pre's for the staff.
Today we officially removed "Beta" our site.
Does anyone know if the Palm Pre is good for business users? We're thinking of upgrading. Thx.
@oneukbird How are you? We are returning a hello to you. Feel free to take a look at us at and create a prof profile.
Updates are in... the site should be operating faster now.
Our team is currently working on making Cofeto faster and more responsive.
Our teams are currently working on updates to the projects feature, to be released within the next week. Stay tuned for that.
Facebook raised another $200M. $600M in 5 yrs... and they're still not profitable. Cofeto is profitable.
We thank everyone who came to the company BBQ today (Mon). pays its respect to all our servicemen past and present.
We updated the optional "Remember Me" option to keep you logged in until you sign out. That way you don't have to login every time you a ... #5 for Project Management # 26 of 16,749 for Networking # 491 of 201,724 for Business
We added a Custom URL feature for your profile. (ex. Login / create account, then go here:
To All: We're interested in hearing what you would like to see in a Business/Career (social) Network you currently don't see now. Pls reply.
Late night. 1 team still working on a project.Good job guys. works like other social networks except, we focus on business and careers only. So join us, non-paid internship:
Our non-paid internships will help you gain experience, referrals needed to get into IT. Or college credit. Send resumes:

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